What will happen to your shows in 2021?

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Great, a return to the glory days when I only had to flip through 57 channels to find out nothing’s on.


sobs over grave of GLOW


Truly the loss so far that hit me the most. But apparently not enough people were watching it anyway? Maybe the lack of new content can turn those numbers around.

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  1. Canceled
  2. Canceled
  3. “That will be $2/mo more, please.”
  4. ???
  5. Profit

My understanding was that the nature of the show meant that COVID precautions could not be ensured, and the contract terms of the actors and staff meant that they got paid content creation or no, unless the show was cancelled. So, even though the numbers were great, they weren’t great enough to keep everyone on hold indefinitely and pop plug got pulled.

Of course, I could be wrong about all this. I often am. But geez, it was such a good show!


I need some optimism today, so I am going to pretend that this will lead to a renaissance in the film/tv industry in countries that are not beset by the plague.


The planet has the plague. The only difference is which countries took it seriously. That means TV production is likely harder in non US countries now. Shows are doing things like testing people every other day and putting the crew in hotels. That’s all still very high risk behavior but in America there are no rules around this thing.

I learned in this thread that GLOW was cancelled. Now I have a sad. :disappointed_relieved::sob:


Content wise, there has been so much new content coming out of the firehose the past few years (especially by the various streaming platforms who produce their own content) that we (as consumers) can’t possibly keep up with it all. There are likely quite a number of excellent series that had been dropped due to the difficulty of getting noticed among the crowd. I doubt we will be finding ourselves left with nothing but reruns to watch for quite some time. Potentially, the lull in newer content may result in some of those overlooked series getting noticed and developing the cult following they may deserve, and later picked up for some new seasons.


As amazing as On Becoming a God was, I’m fine with it ending after the one season. They wrapped the plot up quite well.

On the other hand, I’m outraged that I Am Not Okay With This is going, especially after losing Everything Sucks!

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The difference between big budgets movies and a small time shoe store is; the big budget guys got the PPP money - they still shutting down the shows. Shoe store is still open y’all. Shop local? Instead of TV, get your kicks with some new kicks.

Yeah, that was upsetting, especially since it was clearly up for renewal until covid happened to it.

That’s not quite true. There are a few countries where community transmission is zero, and life is largely normal.

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I wont say which one, but I’m working on a cartoon that was just cancelled. but i think that has more to do with cartoon network being bought by warner brothers and them consolidating stuff. We were all working from home just fine. pretty easy to make cartoons while social distancing


Teenage Bounty Hunters was an absolute blast, and I hope another network picks it up somehow for another season.

Or time to look at existing episodes in other languages, there are some worthwhile Scandinavian and French detective series.
Or just watch old episodes of Detectorists.

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Pouring one out for my Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, and another for Mindhunter.

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