What would a new US civil war be like?


Ultimately, I do not think it would be a civil war with battle lines drawn between states. As was mentioned above it would be more or less a social civil war based on rural vs urban geography.

The issue with this (and its terrifying to think of it)…is that it would be more of a civil unrest situation than a civil war. The result would be a massive swing to a police state (not the one some people think we live in today…a REAL police state). Whoever is in office at that time would be able to declare a complete authoritarian control on the country to quell the constant state of strife.

The chilling thought is…maybe this is what is happening right now, because that has been Bannon’s plan all along.


Good luck with that. Your climate isn’t going to be livable much of the year by 2100 if carbon levels aren’t capped.


That’s a good point, I neglected to recall that bit of history. Like you said, given the current globalization who knows how that would change things for us.


Shame about losing Disney World. But oh well.


No loss, there.


I can’t give this enough likes. It’s certainly possible to be a liberal firearm enthusiast that’s pro gun control. (I know this, because I am one.)

Weaponized Liberals

Brazil welcomed the escaping Nazi partisans. Would they welcome the NeoNazis? And although almost every Brazilian is of mixed-race, they categorize by color very strictly. These white supremacists would probably be happiest in southern Brazil, where 77% of the population has European ancestry.


Totally agree – but “second-class citizens” beats "somewhere between “non-citizens,”, “third-class citizens,” and “sub-humans.”


DisneyWorld is going to be a has-been by the end of the century anyway. The daily temperature in Orlando will be approximately 97 or higher during half the year. More importantly, it won’t have enough potable water to support tourism. The water stinks of sulphur already.


Bingo. And Trump and Sessions are just the men to enact it. It’s time to register as many voters as possible in all 50 states, and then to get them to the polls in 2018. Almost all Americans do not want to live in Nazi America, with our own SS.

Saw “Dunkirk” yesterday. I could not get out of my head that sight of hundreds of NeoNazis and white supremacists conducting a tiki-torch march. Many of these would be the grandchildren of men and women who fought to keep fascist nations from defeating America. Don’t they have any awareness of what Europe and America suffered during that war? They might as well call themselves the New American Bund.


Most people forget the Articles of Confederation, as it normally doesn’t get much traction in popular histories, it’s sort of an arcane field of early republic history… Most people think it’s like the Revolutionary war started and all of a sudden, CONSTITUTION, when it was a very long term process of figuring out what would work. As I recall, the shift to the current constitution came about due to an inability to levy taxes to fund the military to put down a revolt.

But now, different parts of the country have more varied and deeper economies and even direct connections to other economies. I’m not sure that would be wise, but it certainly wouldn’t be entirely unprecedented in the modern world.


What will the wet-bulb temp be? More than ~95 F for more than a short period is lethal. If you think the old people dying in France a few years back was bad, wait until you see post-warmed Gulf cities after a summer power failure.


So do I. Thinking and writing in english is hard for me.


And don’t forget the refugees.



Duh. That makes a lot more sense.


Europe and Asia would pick up the slack, and take over the multitude of industries that the US currently leads. When we return from our second civil war, we’ll find a world that has moved on and no longer depends on us.


It was an even bigger clusterfuck. Every state had their own bank and own printed money. No state believed another state’s money was worth what they claimed, deadlocking trade. And except for the Northwest Ordinance, Rhode Island never voted in favor of anything, so nothing got done. Which is why the Constitution was written describing the conditions under which the states could ratify it individually, and how it would come into force after most states had done so. (At which point, RI still had not ratified it, and we began seriously considering whether it was a good idea for them to be a proper state…)

As far as the broader premise of a second Civil War * - * Civil War being a bad name for a failed revolt/secession - it’s one of those things some people like to fantasize about the way a gun nut fantasizes about a zombie apocalypse: “see, this utterly improbable event will completely justify my personal opinions and biases!”


Even in the infamous Art of War, Sun Tzu makes it clear:

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

Pitting mere brawn against brawn is pure folly when it comes to defense; having an effective strategy is essential.


Yes, and I am saying that eventuality should be considered as possible and prepared for.

They tried to stop this whole thing from happening to begin with, but the courts allowed it to proceed. The police were there and largely did nothing while fighting broke out.

The motivation is not beside the point when we are talking about the potential for assault within the context of civil upheaval. If you live in a community where there is a skinhead or group of skinheads around the corner and they know you’re LGBTQ / a Liberal / are a member of a racial minority, then motivation matters.

There are many more of us than there are of them. We are losing the arms race now because Liberals in general have shunned guns. That’s my whole point. If more Liberals could shake off the stigma, things would change. Since we are so fond of anecdotes, here is one for you. I went to a local gun range to rent one of their rifles and do some target shooting. Before being given the rifle and ammunition, I was treated to a ten minute discourse by the instructor on how liberals were trying to make this illegal and trying to take away the second amendment and disarm the population so they could control the populace by force. He assumed I was a “conservative” or at least, not a liberal myself. How much different would things be if this gun range was overflowing with liberal gun owners and practitioners? This guy’s entire raison d’etre would disappear.


That was basically how the US was before the Civil War – a weak Federal government with more powers given to the states. It didn’t work out well.