What would a new US civil war be like?

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Let’s just hope the good guys win again…


It would be a real shit sandwich all around. A lot of urban centers would be ruined, Large scale public works don’t do well with being turned off and back on again, or running unmaintained for long.


Sometimes I wonder if the US is just to large to remain one big nation. So much diversity in geopolitical ideology between regions of the country, do you think would it be better to treat it like (some) of the founding fathers allegedly wanted, separating states into almost nation states, with a general overseeing government, something like the EU but more centralized?


We already are in a civil war, the same civil war from 150 years ago. The civil war never was “won”. Lincoln was fucking assassinated, remember? His successor, Andrew Johnson, pardoned all the secessionists and gave the plantation owners their property back. Reconstruction was halted, specifically because the powers-that-were-and-continue-to-be in the South didn’t want their people to be appeased. If they were kept miserable and poor, they could continue to blame the North and they could continue to hate the freed slaves for their situation. Where do you think all this anti-government, anti-elite culture came from? Why do you think they are so against education? The civil war went guerrilla, in tactics and in propaganda. We are just now seeing it all come back to a head. Liberals better change their attitudes towards gun ownership, and quickly.


Could you imagine NY going unfed for two weeks? It’d be a warzone all it’s own.


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Lots of liberals own guns. Lots of everybody owns guns. Look up the CPL #'s for liberal counties. Of course, owning is one thing, operating is quite another.

A contemporary civil war would be a real mess, it’s just too easy to disrupt/shut down the daily comforts many have come to rely on in today’s connected society. Grocery stores have 1-3 days of food on the shelf if re-supply stops. Taking down internet/telco/power/water? A dozen people in a couple hours with some bolt cutters and any decent-sized city would be out of the loop.


except NYC would hardly be a battlefront. IIRC, Winter is coming. California & Mexico might not feel too charitable when it comes to feeding Kluxistan. I love me some Texas grapefruit, but I think I could do without for some time…


I think there is a comic book about it

A civil war in America could be very bad to the rest of the world too…


It’s not just leftover civil war animosity. Just one off the top of my head, land use issues in the west are a factor.


I agree, the most prominent conflicts would probably occur for the most harshly divided swing states on the large scale, and some of the more heavily gerrymandered districts on the smaller scale.


I never said that no liberals own guns. In general terms though, liberals tend to be less inclined to own and operate guns, and gun culture tends to be frowned upon. That is thankfully changing.

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The colors of PA and MD should be flipped on that map, Philadelphia notwithstanding.

And here we have point #5. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but if this is the accepted opinion, I guess a true shooting war is inevitable.

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Kinda lazy having it follow state borders.

Surely oregon/washington/california would all split east-west.


Read this book, it’s good.

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I’m pretty sure a civil war these days would be divided by those who died in the resulting nuclear holocaust and those trying to survive it.


Kansas? Really?


I think a “civil war” would likely be an economic one…

… and with blues states being significantly richer than red states…