Weaponized Liberals


Nice assumption there, probably based upon societal conditioning.

Gun ownership and liberalism are not mutually exclusive.

It’s anecdotal, but many people I know own at least one firearm… and I don’t know very many conservatives, outside of my distant family.


More than once I’ve felt a little twinge of fear at the thought that my side isn’t the side that loves guns. Not a comfortable position to be in. (Stereotypical though that belief may be.)


Just shooting from the hip here (tee hee), but a lot of that may be due to where folks tend to grow up/live. In grossly generalized terms, the liberal folks are where the universities and museums are (not gun country). The conservative folks are where agriculture, hunting and recreational firearms enthusiasm are a way of life.

I’m sure someone has studied and broken this down and I am not dropping any revelations on you.


Just as an anecdote. I’m a leftist from Dallas. I don’t own a gun and none of my liberal friends or family do.


I know a few around my way, too.


No group is a monolith; any treating any group as if they are is severely limited thinking.

Weird how that that simple point was missed, the first go 'round.


I dunno…I think labeling all Neo-Nazis as WASTES OF OXYGEN is pretty spot on.



Self-defense with firearms on a community level also means the end of the sort of civil society that liberals strive toward. Charlottesville’s elected representative had many legal options to defuse the problems caused by the fascists before they called on the local liberals and progressives to grab their rifles.

Self-defense on an individual level is just that: self-defense on an individual level against violent thugs (the motivation of the thugs is beside the point). Being a liberal doesn’t preclude that, or using firearms to effect it. I know quite a few liberals and progressives like @ficuswhisperer, above, who are for both responsible firearms ownership and reasonable gun control laws.

The only way the Know-Nothings and fascists and white supremacists will respond to liberals visibly “gearing up” is by chest-beating in response. The only thing liberals will get by fighting back on their opponents’ terms* is an arms race.

[* a course recommended by no strategist ever, by the way]


same here. i own three firearms, a winchester model 94 30-30. a remington semi-auto shotgun, and a ruger redhawk .357 magnum. i’m also a fairly good shot with all three, not competition good but good enough for productive meat hunting with the long guns and a decent target shooter with the revolver.

i also believe in intelligent and focused gun control measures to reduce threats to public safety.

once upon a time i had a life membership in the nra to go along with my continuing contributions to the aclu but the late 80s convinced me to renounce and retract my membership in the former.


As a second anecdote. I grew up in liberal ass Connecticut - and everyone I know owns a gun. I moved to Illinois and all my liberal friends own guns.

It’s not where you grew up.


I know plenty of liberal gun owners, but I admit that there’s a much wider pacifistic/nonviolent streak than a gun nut streak throughout the demographic.

Two things give me a bit of comfort, if it can be called that-

1- They may have more guns, but I’d wager that we have more people who can build and program a drone. We’ll have more medics. We’ll have better infosec, coms, and cyberattacks. We will also have a metric fuckton more money to support the war effort.

2- The other thing we have far, far more of is support. Trump’s America might get Russia. China and the OPEC nations, I believe, will sit things out or wait to throw in until they know they’ll be on the winning side. We have pretty much the rest of the world. We control most of the ports. We can cut off their supply line a hell of a lot easier than they can cut off ours.


I’m comfortable with any number of handguns and long guns. Not into automatic rifles, very comfy with a shotgun. Have my grandfathers double-barrel. Tools are tools.


My personally favorite weapon during my service time was the SAW (m249). it had such little kick compared to other more standard offerings.

During my infantry time I carried an m60…total PITA.

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Have you ever fired a mini-uzi? Not good for your wrists.

Nope. The recoil is harsh. As is he case with most of the rapid fire munitions.

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I have an ex-gf who was assigned the SAW. She loved it too. Didn’t even mind carrying it. I’m a civilian from a military family.

Dammit, I hate it when threads get split, and it looks like I started a whole topic instead of just making a comment.


You’re so militant.

Well, I am Black, and that idea does scare some people so…


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