What would a new US civil war be like?


Same as roller coasters and scary movies. Doom & gloom is an easy sell.


PMSL. I love how you drongos don’t even know what words mean…


You should look at population in Texas before and after the invention of the air conditioner. Texas is a major player in wind and solar energy and we have our own power grid. We’ll still be able to crank the AC.


Religious people aren’t always regressive or conservative. There are a variety of world views espoused by religious leaders, from modern and entirely compatible with a scientific world view, compatible with a modern human rights regime, compatible with any number of progressive ideals to backwards, regressive, and anti-scientific/modern views. Not all religious people are the same and it really isn’t helpful to conflate SCLC or the Quakers with the Falwells or the anti-choice movement.

Yes, the religious right that’s been politically active since the 1970s are part of the problem, but so are active racists who have taken the GOP dog whistling since the 1960s to heart. It’s more like there is a

The nazi regime was built not on religious ideology, but on pseudoscientific notions of race. Despite the piles of bodies discovered at the end of world war 2 that was a testament to the destructive power of science employed to oppress people, racism never completely went away. After the war, it still took 2 more decades to end Jim Crow, and 40 or so years to end Apartheid in South Africa. The decolonization process of Africa still unfolds today in many ways.

Racism is a systemic, historical, and continuing problem. Until white people face up to that and actively help dismantle it, we’re going to continue to get waves of nazis and racists cropping up in the public square.



You are making some wild assumptions based on general opinions and stereotypes.

As a liberal who served and married a fellow service member (also liberal), your speculations about the military are inaccurate at best.

If you have facts, figures, or data that support your aspersions I am sure we would all be open to listening. Other wise, I concur with @null that all you are doing is making veiled threats within your assumptions and are fear-mongering plain and simple.


What??? We had one running for president and enough people voted for him that (via our weird constitution, republican gerrymandering, and voting restrictions) he won. And he appointed many racist people as advisors and department heads.

I agree that the breakdown between church and state is a real problem, but racism is endemic to the country and is related.

The problem is not just people dislike liberals and gays; the problem is that they are afraid of, angry at, and/or hate anyone who is different from themselves. And since “race” is one of these perceived differences, racism is a huge part of it.

They can call themselves “Nazi” or “white supremacists” or “nice white people who are just ‘concerned about our country.’” The philosophy they are voting for and the politicians that are being elected by them are racist.


Why would there another Civil War since the South won the post-war peace?


Unfortunately the U.S. is already Balknaized. We are divided regionally and will never agree.


Welcome to BoingBoing! I recommend you take a few minutes to read some of the other comments on this thread because you clearly missed some important details about all us “liberal tyrants.”



That’s a very pessimistic stance, and does not speak to my experience. Do you get out and mix with people from other communities? You may be surprised.


Defeatism solves no problems.


I was going to say “blood-splattered eagle”.


Aren’t you assuming that everyone who lives in different regions of the country are all in agreement about everything? The differences in different parts of a so-called coherent “region” can be very different.


it’s a goddamn shame that the Texas GOP can’t trumpet that all over Fox News. If renewables are so great for deep-red Texas, why aren’t they great for the rest of the nation? Are the oil-patch producers and refiners blocking this, or moving into the field?

As far as your own power grid goes, good on ya! Perhaps it’s development was supported by the unmentioned plan to secede and become your own country? If so, be prepared to turn over all of the military men and materiel.


Common sense? If the situation came out of control, as many here have pointed out as a possible scenario, if I were a weak president and with very low rates of popularity, I would certainly like to be able to count on every possible help.

But on second thought, it would be an idiotic idea, which seems to have come out of a bad movie. A bad thriller


Nazism, White supremacy - they both use religion as their foundation. The Nazis and the Klan were all about elevating Protestant Christianity to the center of politics and society. Of course, we all know about the Nazis exterminating members of the Jewish faith, but they also persecuted Catholics )especially in Poland), Jehovah’s Witnesses and Ba’hai. Hitler even attempted to limit the allowed Protestants sects by proposing the creation of the Reich Church (an idea which failed, however.) The Nazis melded religion and ideology in a centuries-old system practiced by all totalitarian countries.

The Ku Klux Klan was also heavily invested in defending Protestant Christianity. During its largest incarnation during the 1920s, when it counted between 3 and 6 million members, racism against blacks almost took a backseat to the Klan’s ferocious hatred of Jews and Catholics.It was reacting to the early 20th-century immigration of millions of people from countries with large Catholic and Jewish populations. When doing research on my own small town in NJ, I was shocked to find newspaper accounts of large Klan rallies held to protest the opening of a Catholic Church. The banners read “NO to Popery! In GOD we trust!”

Millions of people who are rabidly opposed to Muslim immigration should take a look at the history of bigotry and violence that was probably leveled at their ancestors for their religion -= as well as the calls to outright ban them as unAmerican Papists.


Texas will secede by itself and refuse to join either side.


I think reality has more nuance than that. Welcome New Community Member!


Texas is allowed to subdivide, but not secede, legally.