When new liberal gun owners attack


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Guns fill you with self delusion, no matter your political lean. As someone once said “When you have a gun, you are either thinking of killing somebody. Or somebody killing you”

I used to go to the range and shoot and one of the most entertaining things was talking to the people there. Start a conversation and it usually only takes about 10 minutes before they reveal their fantasy scenario where they get to shoot someone. Home invasion, stopping a store robbery, “Mexicans climbing over the wall in the backyard” ( The guy who spoke that gem, is now dead by self inflicted gun wound and his wife a week later by the same means)


Wow, The Mirror still has people who can do actual journalism? That is news.


Is a wave of liberals doing stupid things with guns what it will take to get some kind of sensible barriers to just picking up a gun one afternoon casually?


That’s a Sig Sauer PK380 in Angel Blue btw



“As we learned in Vietnam, high-powered weapons are so sensorily overwhelming that they are similar to psychoactive drugs. Like LSD, which can convince people they can fly–causing them to jump out of windows–weapons can make people overconfident. Skewing their tactical judgement.”

Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson



Tie voter registration to the background check, additional waiting period if you’re registered as a Democrat or Green?


You know, fuck it, it’s a start right?


I never owned a gun until 2007 so that would make me 47 at the time. I was dating an awesome woman who had several guns and I would go out to the west desert here in Utah and shoot at a place called the quarry. She taught me well in the use and safety of a hand gun, shot gun and .306 rifle. After a year or so she convinced me to buy one, a Hi Point .45 semi. After we broke up I still take it with me camping and on road trips. But I have never entertained the fantasy of ever having to shoot anybody. Actually, it’s weird because I have camped and hiked and back packed my whole life and I never carried a gun. Now that I do carry one the only thing I think about is, ‘God I hope I never have to use it.’ It’s just good to know I have it, if needed and I do know how to use it.


Selecting a portable killing machine because you happen to like the color should automatically disqualify you from owning a portable killing machine.


Police learned the round fired by McCrossin shattered the back window of her own vehicle.

I feel OK laughing because nobody got hurt.


That’s literally what “entertaining the fantasy that you might have to shoot somebody” means. You might not be looking forward to it exactly, but you are still constructing such scenarios as part of your justification for carrying a gun.


Why? Mines pink. :yum:


You must entertain some fantasy, or you wouldn’t carry it… :thinking:


But its not a fantasy of mine, dwelling on shooting somebody and I also stated, ‘God I hope I never have to use it.’


I think there are a lot of conservatives who are pro-gun because they think they are always going to have a near-monopoly on gun ownership. If they found out liberals/radicals were suddenly buying up guns and ammo in huge numbers they’d suddenly be a lot more concerned about rampant gun ownership. Case in point: the NRA was a lot less laissez faire about gun laws when the Black Panthers were parading around with rifles and shotguns.


BS. Do you wear seat belts? Do you then have fantasies of getting into an auto accident? Also, you stated, “Guns fill you with self delusion, no matter your political lean.” Again, BS. I have no compunction to want to shoot anybody or have feelings of delusion or grandeur. I’m sure glad there are psychoanalysts here on this blog.


Case in point: the NRA was a lot less laissez faire about gun laws when the Black Panthers were parading around with rifles and shotguns.


This may shock some people, but if you give a moron a gun, they are now a moron with a gun.