What would it be like if we all wore accurate lie detectors around all the time?

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We would stop sharing opinions and/or asking for them.


With all due respec–BZZZZZZZZ–ahh forget it.


I’ve almost wandered into that territory.

The plan was to save trees by giving tablets to those picking parts in our warehouse. But tablets can be dropped. Even 7" tablets are awkward to have strapped to your arm.

But the Microsoft Band has a nice little touchscreen. I could send Stock IDs, qtys and descriptions to that for the parts pickers to use. They could tap an on-screen button when the part is picked.

Of course the Microsoft Band is also a fitness band. It has a skin galvanometer, heart rate monitor and other sensors. We’d be issuing everyone a lie detector to wear all day. Along with GPS tracking.

Sure, our app wouldn’t do that. But the pieces are all there, just needing the right software. A good idea suddenly got creepy.


Is this a magical lie detector or a small format polygraph?

In the latter case, sociopaths and compulsive liars would quickly take over the world, which is to say, nothing much would change.

In the former case, well, what is a lie? Is it something that isn’t true? Nothing we say or think is “true-true”, our limited minds and limited languages always fail to describe reality properly. Is it something we don’t ourselves believe? Most politicians believe the things they say to some degree: part of the job is believing whatever is most convenient at the given moment. And what of “half-truths”?

Origin of the logical.-- How did logic come into existence in man's head? Certainly out of illogic, whose realm originally must have been immense. Innumerable beings who made inferences in a way different from ours perished; for all that, their ways might have been truer. Those, for example, who did not know how to find often enough what is "equal" as regards both nourishment and hostile animals--those, in other words, who subsumed things too slowly and cautiously--were favored with a lesser probability of survival than those who guessed immediately upon encountering similar instances that they must be equal. The dominant tendency, however, to treat as equal what is merely similar--an illogical tendency, for nothing is really equal--is what first created any basis for logic.
In order that the concept of substance could originate--which is indispensable for logic although in the strictest sense nothing real corresponds to it--it was likewise necessary that for a long time one did not see or perceive the changes in things. The beings that did not see so precisely had an advantage over those who saw everything "in flux." At bottom, every high degree of caution in making inferences and every skeptical tendency constitute a great danger for life. No living beings would have survived if the opposite tendency--to affirm rather than suspend judgement, to err and make up things rather than wait, to assent rather than negate, to pass judgement rather than be just-- had not been bred to the point where it became extraordinarily strong.
--Nietsche, The Gay Science

I’m guessing the magical lie detectors just buzz nonstop during any philosophical musings on the nature of truth. :stuck_out_tongue:


Congress would be a noisy place.


Or very, very quiet.


Nah. The folks in Congress have no problem telling lies that everyone them knows are lies.


Do the machines have access to absolute truth, or just whether or not we know we’re lying?


The book The Truth Machine investigates this topic and really nails many of the changes that would occur. Negotiations for example would change from both parties starting at their most advantageous position, and working down, to the opposite, where both parties state, truthfully, the worst position they could reasonable take, and then the parties meet in the middle.


Climate change deniers like Ted Cruz would continue to lie.
The lie detectors wouldn’t tell us anything we already knew.


I loved this movie.

Some theists go completely off the rails when reviewing it, which also pleases me.

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Not just theists. God-botherers on both sides of the issue! Although obviously with very different valences between the two camps.

If you’re not looking to troll or be trolled, though, it’s just a waste of a good premise and an hour or so of pretty funny exposition.

Who are you speaking for?

There would be a hell of a lot less idiot asshole politicians on the planet!
Dream On!

Families would either become very close or very, very rare.


On the other hand, few would get past the Oath of Office.


Pretty much what happens on discussion boards. People don’t tell outright lies that can be fact checked. But tell the technical truths.


People would stop calling in sick for work and would have to start calling in “fuck you and your soul crushing job” to work.