What your name tastes like


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My fav so far is : “New Zealand is wet nail varnish and a fat little bee”



I have been told my name tastes like two day old avocado toast.


My understanding of synaesthesia is that those who have it experience it differently, so she might think Catherine is rusk dipped in chocolate and coffee, another might experience slightly burned roasted corn with butter and a touch of clove.


This was going to be my question, whether the synaesthetic attributes are subjective, I guess they’d have to be, although I wouldn’t be surprised to see at least some cultural threads. Someone needs to do a Pandora project Music Genome Project specifically for synaesthetes.

ETA: corrected naming, turns out the Pandora Project was…something else entirely


So many of these in the link are just flavor answers without name queries.


I think the appeal here is that her particular synaesthesic results are curiously relatable to shared experience. Brandon is a great word for flat soda that suggests something other than the mere lack of fizz: the tasteless caramel ichor of room-temperature cola.

Dammit, you left it open and it went brandon.



What do restaurateurs taste like?


Yo, check out these Coconuts!


Donald – A rubber duck dipped in vinegar

I wonder where she got the duck part from.



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