Whatcha Playin'? Continue?

Hopefully it’s cheap. It’s like a 5 or 6 year old game at this point. Maybe wait for a sale if it’s not. It is a lot of fun though and it’s one of those that you can just do in seated position and trance out

Huh. Looks like I got the PS4 edition at some point (PS+?), so upgrade is currently on sale for $4.99. I’ll poke around videos to see if it’s something I’ll like.

I’m currently hoping for the Star Wars game to go on sale, still hasn’t. I hope it is tomorrow.

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I’m not a Magic player, but these seem awesome…


Now that River City Girls is finally under $20 on PSN, I picked it up for some beat-em-up action. It’s everything I needed it to be as a continuation of the River City franchise and expansion of what brawlers can offer with extra love put into them. As an extra bonus for me, one of my kids is enjoying playing, too. I wait for all games to go on sale because they are ultimately selfish purchases for me. Doesn’t appear to be the case this time. There will be no guilty feelings about buying RCG2 at any price then.

Yay for perverse incentives :roll_eyes: Finishing up Ravenlok, just have what I’m assuming is just the final cut scene(s). I’m going to take 5 days to do so because I have 5 easy achievements left, and only one counts per day for the 50 MS rewards points.

Dredge (which I know is on PC and switch) is a high recommend. Eldritch horror and fishing mechanics - a match made in some hideous dimension


I can also say, with confidence, that the first 15 minutes of Tears of the Kingdom are the same on the Switch and PC emulation, though I was sure emulation looked wrong . At least Switch did not crash then


I keep hearing good things about Dredge. I might need to watch some gameplay videos to see if there’s anything in there that I might enjoy, especially since Lovecraft and fishing aren’t exactly items that check and boxes for me personally. It could surprise me, though.

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I am, of course, playing Tears of the Kingdom. I would write something about that, but that would involve time away from Tears of the Kingdom! So, that’s not happening.

However, I wanted to share this disappointing fucking news:

I’ll tell you who’s not playing. Nintendo, that’s who.

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For some reason I’m not terribly surprised. I think I’ve become jaded and assume I’m going to learn that any creator of the violent games of my youth consider themselves “based.”

This is going to be held in Grand Rapids, MI, which makes some sense because that’s DeVos territory. Just outside of Grand Rapids is a library that was infamously refunded based on the books they provide for their patrons. As a whole the area isn’t so bad, but it’s surrounded by red and funded by red. Someone needs to buy a ticket and let everyone know what hotel to boycott.

John Romero’s been alright. He expressed regret for the Daikatana ad, he was supportive of Hbomberguy’s fundraising stream for Mermaids, and put out a Doom II .WAD to raise money for the Ukrainian Red Cross and the CERF.


I’ve been playing a new Legend of Zelda game… well, new to me. A Link Between Worlds has been out for 10 years. Its been fun, and playing through again on hero mode has been more challenging, as Link takes quadruple the damage. Hero mode also justified itself a bit by adding Ravio’s journal in the vacant house in Lorule, explaining the ending a tiny bit more.

The ability to rent/buy items outside of the dungeon supports taking them on in an order you prefer, but with some later dungeons really benefiting from an upgraded item or multiple I still feel that I had to go through once on normal mode to figure out how to optimize my route. On the first playthrough, I got the blue mail last and never found the red mail, but still only died without a fairy to revive one time (the game reports that when you complete it). This time, I went for the blue mail as soon as possible and I also wanted the better shield before taking on anything else. Side note: why was the Hylian shield in Lorule? I also prioritized getting as many heart containers as I could, but I think I’m going to end up relying on the yellow potions far more than I did previously.

My last attempt at the boss fight in Turtle Rock was… less than optimal because I forgot about the game’s gimmick: becoming a painting on a wall. In my defense, that arena doesn’t have real walls. Yet, the nice ice rod is one of my favorite items in the game, so I should have realized I can freeze the lava spouts and merge onto those. When you don’t properly use the game’s gimmick, it can be pretty punishing, as that boss fight also gave me trouble in my first playthrough. There’s an attack which, if you’re caught by it, guarantees contact damage for long enough that, on hero mode, I went through 4 bottled fairies before dying to it; one attack did over 5 hearts worth of damage after being halved by blue mail 5 times. Invincibility frames, what are those?

There are even some common enemies which are more deadly than they were in A Link to the Past: Hinox and Lionel. Hinox will charge towards Link after awhile (and there’s a variant which freezes link with snowballs) and do a very large chunk of damage even on the first time through. Lionel has a continuous stream of fire breath instead of discrete fireballs. They have been upgraded from tough to run on sight. Fortunately, the developers didn’t put them in any dungeons (but they are in a cave), other than an optional multi-floor arena you can take on for prizes.

So, if you enjoy a challenging Legend of Zelda, pick up A Link Between Worlds on the Nintendo 3DS eSh- Oh, nevermind.

I probably shouldn’t post three times in a row for this. Epic Games got Yoshitaka Amano to make some concept art for Fortnite. It is on Amano’s Instagram account, but here’s a screenshot for those who would rather not visit Instagram, in a spoiler for those who don’t care too much about visually dense illustrations.

Yoshitaka Amano's concept art for Crossheart in Fortnite.  The character is a Japanese woman in a red dress with black & white leggings, in a very busy neo-Tokyo-esque setting.

The attempt to adapt it, unsurprisingly, fails to include all the dragons, ghosts, birds, and lines Amano tends to surround characters with. I haven’t played the game, so I don’t know if the city setting was influenced at all by Amano’s interpretation.

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I am getting serious, serious Another World vibes from Planet of Lana


OK, so 45ish minutes of Beat Saber didn’t kill me, and I didn’t slug anyone while playing it. I’ll count that as a win.

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Did you buy the Dragula DLC? If not, get it, and I’ll meet you over at the song that’s stuck in your head right now thread!

Dragula? Not familiar with that, don’t recall seeing it when browsing. The Queen set is on my must buy list, didn’t yet because I wasn’t sure I’d like the game. As soon as I’m sure I’ll be able to handle regularly, that’s my next buy.

ETA: Searching PSN, that’s only Rockband and Rocksmith


I’ve had that song stuck in my head at least once a month since the single dropped in the late 90’s. Not sure if it would be better or worse for me to have choreography to go along with it.

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So GoG has a special sale “Chill Indies” and the tagline is “Dive into the pool of relaxation with these chill titles discounted up to -90%”

I think the marketing department and the people deciding on the sale didn’t communicate all that well…