What's inside a fake Cuban cigar?


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I’ve had decent fakes. Basically it depends what they are substituting it with. A decent Honduran or Dominican and you will at least not have a crap cigar. A crap cigar with a pretty band is going to be like a worn out Civic with race stickers. Shit that looks nice.


Link to the actual video please? I see you linked to his channel but confused as to which particular video it is or if there’s even one to begin with.


Did he get them from Dwayne Castro?

And were they made by capitalist stooges or commie stooges?


Dug around the guy’s channel and found the video. If you were curious here it is:


Ted Cruz


Looks like crap’ola, indeed.


Fixed. Sorry.


Quite alright, i was just wondering if i was being dense and was not finding the link (which is often the case).


"You got dirt, you got twigs, you got dead animals, you got rocks…"
Well, that’s what gives it the complex finish and depth…


FTFY, you’re welcome.


ALL cigars stink to me. They smell like dried up gym socks.

Pipe tobacco on the other hand… Yum. Maybe it’s related to what you smelled as a young child.


The thing that always got to me about Cuban cigars is that the same rich bastards who spent decades supporting the trade embargo with Cuba never seemed to have any difficulty (or moral qualms) obtaining them.


Not a single Cuban inside there.


I dunno, I knew many cigar smokers that want to end the embargo. Many business men too. HUGE boom in the tourist trade if they open it back up.


I wouldn’t be surprised if a whole family tried to sneak out in this one, though.


Grossness. Grossness is inside a fake Cuban cigar.

Of course, I’m of the mindset that “authentic” cigars are filled with gross, so I’m likely not the target audience…


And occasionally, explosives.


I like a good cigar but have never understood the fascination about Cubans. I’ve had fake ones and real ones and just don’t think there’s enough difference to warrant the hype. Give me a good Dominican or Nicaraguan instead - better value and less likely to contain a bunch of crap filler.

Also: obligatory quote


In my limited experience, Cubans aren’t better, just different. At one point they were the bees knees, but after the embargo many old school Cuban families set up shops in other countries. Once they go their operations up and running they had comparable quality.