Filmmaking teacher makes a mini documentary about a cigar connoisseur

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As a cigar smoker I am so completely loving this little piece. Like the subject, I only have 12-15 per year. Usually on the back deck on a warm summer night. Some times its in the hot tub on a cold winter night. or at a small cigar shop/smoking lounge like this one. I completely concur you must be respectful of non cigar smokers around you and where you are. Shops like this are essential.



as a Canadian cigar smoker, I have to say that Cuban cigars are nice, but not worth all the excitement.

But then i’m a cheapskate, so I tend to go for good low cost cigars.


As an amateur critic of documentary films I once again find myself wishing the film was only about the subject and the surroundings and not also about a choice of background music.


Interesting to hear him mention “Connecticut wrapped” cigars. I worked on a tobacco farm in CT in the 80’s (the industry had some quasi-child-labor loopholes in the summer), I wasn’t aware if there was still a CT shade-grown tobacco industry, since most of the fields I tended back then have become business parks. It was also never clear if the tobacco we picked was considered good quality or not, though I knew it was used to wrap cigars.

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shade grown Connecticut wrappers are grown in CT, MA, and VT. They are used as filler and for wrappers, mostly known for being lighter and often golden in color. Many aficionados prefer stronger maduro wrappers.

I prefer CT wrappers myself


Hmm. Lovely.
Friendly little nooks like that for smoking cigars are getting scarce.

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