What's it like to be a 'Tumblr Famous' teen?

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I don’t get the Tumblr thing of hundreds of “[so-and-so] liked this!” with zero actual comments or responses. I mean, a running tally of likes is one thing, but who needs an exhaustive list expanded by default? Hell, even Youtube’s arghblargh is more enlightening.


Tumblr removed the “reply” system which makes it really, really, broken. The only way to comment on something now is to reblog it. Now, I have a Tumblr. And I use it to blog about my sewing projects. So I don’t want to reblog anything and everything in order to be able to comment on something!

You can add Disqus to your blog, but people have to be on your actual blog page to use it, and most people probably use Tumblr solely from the dashboard.


I kept reading the article to find out exactly why the banning happened and found the explanation to be lacking. Something about diet pills and “abusing the viral mechanisms of Tumblr” ? You’d think some kind of warning or instituting a filter would be better than lopping off a major source of traffic.

I do enjoy The Best of Tumblr. Quality, pithy, witty, PG-13 entertainment.

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late stage capitalism.

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