Can Tumblr "be a better Twitter"?

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well, it’s good enough for Wil Wheaton and Neil Gaiman… but it won’t be once a bunch of right wing assholes head over there to harass them and all the teen girls there.


Does tumblr even exist anymore?

Pretty sure it doesn’t (she says, checking with her tumblr mutuals).

Nope, nothing to see here, move along

(reminds me! I should check on delivery status of my new shoelaces)


I’m thinking this might be another anomaly in terms of Bettridge’s law of headlines, mainly because I can’t imagine it being worse.


Tumblr does not want to be a better Twitter. Tumblr wants to remain Tumblr, and it’s doing a surprisingly good job at that.


Can Tumblr “be a better Twitter”?

10 years ago? The potential was there. These days? Doubtful and improbable

Tumblr shot itself in the foot.


And a couple other authors (Diane Duane is another notable), too.

Yep, and yet it still shambles on.

All I’m saying at this point is this: Tumblr may be a hellsite, but it’s our hellsite. Leave it alone!

Considering the amount of neglect that Yahoo and Verizon forced on it, along with the horrible decisions that drove away a lot of it’s content creators (I remember the Purge of 2017), the hilariously broken ‘AI Porn detection’ which, at one point, blocked itself as porn, horrible enforcement against actual pornbots, and other oddities, I’m surprised that it hasn’t just been turned off and the staff reassigned to other parts of Automattic at this point. (There have been some new features hoisted upon us, like the ‘pay to remove ads’- no thanks, my entirely free Ad blocker and the ‘cost of hardware and time to keep it running’ Pi-holes do that for me; There was the option to purchase ad space with the caveat that you don’t get to control who your content is getting shown to as an ad, which also was hilarious to watch the fallout from; and the tips option, which I’ve not really seen a whole lot of. I’d rather actual bugfixes get put in place, like proper tag management (putting in underscores “_” in tags breaks the absolute hell out of the tag parser, which I find infuriating because I use those in other sites for tagging and they work just fine- There’s no mention of this as a bug, feature, or quirk anywhere in the documentation for Tumblr, and my support tickets about it not working were closed out as “try building your own theme”- I’ve always used one of the stock themes.)


The world doesn’t need Twitter or Puritan Tumblr. This is like saying we need healthy cigarettes, or vodka that makes you a better driver.


Can’t see how it could be a worse Twitter than Twitter.

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You’ll be pleased to hear that Alex Jones tried this and was bullied off the site.


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