What's new in the world of tabletop gaming?


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And I can recognize EVERY ONE OF THOSE BITS. I am not sure if I should be proud or ashamed at that.

Also generic mad max rules woo.


I have the same feelings of pride/shame over the staggering amount of useless knowledge I have of the inner working on the 40K universe and 40K games. I probably know more about the structure and history of the Imperium than I do about US government and history.


A lot of those games are fond memories. These days, we tend to mine old RPG sets with miniatures for whatever game we’re running currently. We even turned to 3D printing to create horrific robot-insect hybrids to eat our hapless colonists and fight our PCs. (eta: superglue and a very sharp Xacto are your friends for that).


Shame is for foul xenos-lovers and Chaos worshipping deviants.

(I’ve never played tabletop 40k but have read quite a bit of fluff…)


These are great recommendations. Stuffed Fables takes everything I love about Mice & Mystics and makes it more playful, with beautiful art and great miniatures.

I’m undecided about Star Wars Legion. My household has tons of materials for Imperial Assault and X-Wing and the miniature painter/collector of the house is dreading the idea of delving into another massive investment. I got to play it a bit at GenCon and its rules will be familiar to anyone who’s played those two games as well as Armada. This one might have to wait.

The new games getting the most play right now are Fallout (similar to Descent), The Thing, and we’ve just started a campaign of Pandemic Legacy Season 2. Season 1 was one of the best board games I’ve ever played, so expectations are high.


I’m undecided about Star Wars Legion. My household has tons of materials for Imperial Assault and X-Wing and the miniature painter/collector of the house is dreading the idea of delving into another massive investment.

And the minis aren’t compatible with I.A. either. The sizing is so far off as to be ridiculous. Wish FFG was better about making their wares interchangeable. I’d definitely be buying more of their stuff!


Star Wars Legions has reminded me of this fun set of minis rules.

It has been too long to say how good or bad the rules are but the new FF toys are good for it.


I do appreciate how crazily granular they’ve gotten with their miniatures games; (old man voice) in my day we only had one miniatures game, and we liked it, darn it!

But now fans are ridiculously spoiled for choice:
Do you like dogfights? Get X-Wing!
Do you want to control huge capital ships? Armada!
Do you want an RPG-esque campaign? Imperial Assault!
Do you like ground-based skirmishes? Legion!


Ogre?! Brings back many fon memories. Along with GEV, Car Wars (also mentioned in the article!), Lou Zocchi’s Alien Space and too many others.


We actually played Ogre a few times! This was back in the 20th century, before the dark times, before the empire.


I have the Kickstarted Designer’s Edition, the one that’s the size of well… an OGRE. It’s insanely large. I actually got a copy of the smaller 6e boxed set just because getting out the Designer’s Edition is actual work.


The new minis look nice. Especially the infantry. I used to have a collection of the pewter ones long ago now but they saw the game table all of once.




That makes me want to get into OGRE again. But why would they make it 5mm when there’s an entire world of 6mm/1:300th miniatures that would work so well with it?


Cause they are not OGRE ™ tanks. Also looking at that pic they were using the original 5mm metals for the basis. The infantry might be new but it is so hard to tell with that scale.


Dang. This would be a lot of fun to start playing again (did a little bit of Warhammer 40k in high school). And my kids are getting to the age when they can start playing with me, too.

Honest question…what is a good set to start with that is not too expensive and fairly kid friendly?


Maybe ask at the Ogre forums http://forums.sjgames.com/forumdisplay.php?f=24


For which game? If OGRE, the regular 6e is pretty great. Comes with stand-up cardboard OGREs and nice board map. And very reasonable at $38.

If in general, I think Stuffed Fables looks to be a great gateway wargame.


And if you really are into the Warhammer world there are some cheaper but still a bit pricey ($100+) options that are self contained board games from GW that plenty of the gamers buy just for the minis in them. You will have to assemble and paint minis still.