What's the deal with Lime Crime, the "most-hated" cosmetic company on the 'net?

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I see their “lawyers” are as good at reading as Doe Deere is…
Literally the second sentence of the linked article:

“… writing a summary of the events around the mythical, controversial, mostly disreputable beauty company Lime Crime feels like a Stefon skit from Saturday Night Live. This brand has everything: fake deaths, Nazi costumes, legal threats against 13 year-old girls, hacker attacks, class action lawsuits, FDA warnings, credit card fraud, cold sores, and questionably named eyeshadow palettes called “China Doll”…”

I do not get the indie make up scene, never did. Call me old fashioned, but I want to know that the people making the stuff I smear on my face, on my skin, near my eyes and mouth, a) know what they’re doing and b) its done in a safe/clean environment. No, I don’t want to put your “homemade” eye shadow on my eyes, ew! (Mind you, kids these days are making their own mascaras out of crushed Oreos, so what do I know…)


At least oreos are going to be food grade ingredients…


“Lime Crime has never threatened anyone over a “bad review,” but have had to take legal action in legitimate cases of libel.”

I’m side-eyeing this statement so hard right now. Doe is such a bad liar. The folks over at the blogs Oh Dear, Doe Deere & RIP lime crime have done a fantastic job using evidence to call out Doe for what she truly is: An untalented, two-faced lying thief, and truly delusional cunt. There are still people who haven’t been refunded during the security breach last year. Not to mention the countless problems with double charging and mailing errors since. Doe let the security certificate on her website expire for months before renewing it, and only after the shit hit the fan. She likes to claim that her company got hacked, but she opened the door wide open for that to happen.

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