What's the real risk of using public toilets? Scientists answer.

Presupposes the toilet in question has a lid. I haven’t seen a lid on a public toilet in decades.


Right? The installation of basic public sanitation helped put an end to widespread cholera epidemics (at least in the developed world).

It’s impossible to track, but the number of illnesses contracted directly from a public toilet probably pales in comparison to the number of food poisonings caused by people not washing their hands after using a toilet (public or otherwise).


Well, I was thinking more along the lines of pooping my pants if I didn’t find a public toilet, but cholera is a valid concern too, even today.

One of the few curse words my grandmother used was “холера”-- cholera in Russian. It was an actual curse word for Russians/Poles/Ukrainians of her generation due to the prevalence of the illness in the late 19th century.

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Shoes first, I suppose? Then your socks get soaked in urine!

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