What's this "amp" crap?

When I click on BB links from my RSS feed on my phone, some of the time the URL has /amp appended, and I see this broken, reduced content page. Anyone know what this is?

Is this the same one that goes get the boing boing newsletter instead of showing the post when you arrive through comments?

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Maybe has to do with Android’s AMP? Reworks the browser view to be mobile friendly?

Maybe? Don’t know anything about the newsletter.

Never heard of it. The links do almost the same thing in Chrome:

Using Android’s built-in news/weather app, notice the two spots I’ve circled below:

I think it’s got to do with reflowing the content to remove stuff, shore up the sizing, something like that. I’m being vague b/c I think it’s reflowing the content for easier viewing in the app (elsewhere, too, I’d guess). I’d guess a large share of the BB viewership reads from their Android mobile device and this is a good way to better enable that?

EDIT: Sorry, unclear. When I tap those stories to read them in the app, they’re represented as such:

The story widens out to fit the screen, and that top blue banner indicates that I can swipe right or left to shift between those stories. Hence my “reflow” comparison.

Well, it’s not android or google because it happens in Safari too.

Anyway, it’s total fucking crap. It cuts out random images and doesn’t give you access to the comments at the bottom. It’s just the page with a blue theme and a bunch of stuff missing. If I wanted the option, great, I guess, but I don’t.

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This thing?

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It's really as simple as that. Can we make the web great again?


Fucking trump has possibly ruined me for just two words “great again”.

Like how all those worship songs as a kid have ruined me for country music.


Responsive Adaptive or die! Which, of course, BoingBoing does perfectly well.

publishers can create mobile optimized content once and have it load instantly everywhere.

I.e. publishers can create an entirely different mobile website to their main website, same as they had to in the bad old days.

Is this something Boing Boing is actively doing then? Because they’re not doing a very good job of it. It’s also weird that it only seems to happen to me sporadically.

I’m not 100% sure it isn’t a satire site.


When Skynet finally comes, and it will!, AMP will be its lackey in Human Tech Services.

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So, I was with you before as we suspiciously eyed the AMP project. And then, over the weekend, attempting to read an article in Google’s Newsstand app, I was presented with this image, with no way to escape it or wait it out or to not be taken to a random advertiser’s page:

(That little drop-down menu didn’t do jack). So while I’m being annoyed with that, I turn the phone in my hand to take a drink of water, and as the aspect ratio of the screen auto-changes to landscape from portriat, I get:

No. No I will not rotate my device, damn you. Which means I’m going back to using FF or Chrome, instead of the built-in browser.


Built in Android browser doesn’t have adblock, therefore it’s malware as far as I’m concerned. I use FF on mobile, but I’d be happy to use something else. I’ve had weird crashing problems with Chrome on my Samsung S5, but I’m on an LG G5 now, so maybe Chrome for Android is better on this thing.


And how Hitler ruined that mustache for everybody.


Yay! Boing Boing appears to have de-AMPed their RSS feed.

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