What's with the hidden replies?


And how do they work?


Hidden replies?

you mean like this?


Did you accidentally hit the ‘summarize topic’ button?


Replies can be hidden (click to expand hidden) if they receive three flags from 3 different people, but that is rare in practice. You would have to post something pretty damn egregiously bad to get that to happen around these here parts.

Sometimes the anti spam checking layer, Akismet, will decide a new post from a new user is maybe spam and hide it as well, until it is reviewed by staff.


Or if a Reg marks it as spam.


Best kept secrets are left out in the open?


I’ve been commenting here all the time for years and I’m still not flagged a “regular.”


This post has been flagged as so awesome, you are not allowed to see it. Will be deleted in 24 hours unless a moderator gets a new puppy.


Gotta earn that shit, baby!

(I’ll get you the link for making TL3 in a sec here…)

eta - (Only took all damn day to find it…) Discourse TLx


I got regular like two hours after I asked, “how do I get regular?”


I probably get flagged too often and also don’t read every thread.


Do you read the Questions thread?


Not really. :slight_smile:


I may rename it to the “OtherMichael’s Monster” thread.


You mean “Mike?”


The accepted colloquial nomenclature is “OMike”.

Please make a note of it.


that would help a lot to get it… maybe more oat bran too… :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah the regular badge is more of a nice way to say get a life badge…


First y’all need to quit flagging me to @falcor all the time!


well it isn’t me. i only flag the really obvious trolls or spam. you are okay in my estimation.