When a freight ship loses control of its anchor, bad things happen


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I commend the Sailors that stayed at the winch station, that takes courage with a dash of crazy.



Not sorry. :slight_smile:


The last guy up the stairs is wearing the logo of this ship company http://www.optimumship.net/


Near the end of the video you hear a sailor yell out “Malaka!”, which leads me to believe this is a ship from Greece.

According to the internet:
“Usage. In everyday speech, the word malakas is used metaphorically to mean a person who uses no common sense.”


Good god. That’s a lot of weight going awful fast.
And, as I recall: F=ma (and thus this video is a very bad thing)


This would be a great video to set up a problem for a high school physics class.


The caution flags, plus the fact that someone knew to be shooting this leads me to believe that this was at least partially intentional. Neither of those things would be if this were an ordinary day-to-day operation gone south. It doesn’t seem like the fire was unexpected, either, although people are definitely running for cover just before the chain plays out.


Was there some possible benefit to that or were they just enjoying the view from up close? Surely they didn’t think they’d be able to rush in and grab it.


I’m guessing that’s an electric motor, which, when driven by an outside force, becomes a generator.


Ah, right, Scorpio Inc.

I’d been wondering what Hank Scorpio’s been up to after Globex shut down.

Edit: that was probably pretty exciting down in the chain locker, too.


That’s fuckin’ metal.


It seems that they were turning a manual hand brake to slow the down the descent of the anchor, sadly it wasn’t working though.

PS. 1500 sea days and I’d never seen a manual hand brake on an anchor of that size with what also appears to be zero redundant failsafe feature.


Minor note: The crossbar on the links of anchor chain are there to make it heavier rather than stronger. You want the bottom of the chain heavier than the rest of it so that it comes away from the anchor relatively horizontal, but the higher sections lighter and more vertical so that the circle that the ship swings around as the current changes is smaller.


Dare I say it? That’s off the chain


I see no … hard hats

T=1m47s, 1m53s


I think you mean p=mv (as speed doesn’t appear in F=ma and that you really should be worried about the transference of its momentum.)


Yes. My (limited) physics failed me. My apologies.


I call dibs on the band name “The Flaming Winches”.

What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name

Whilst not as relevant, Flaming Wenches is a much better band name.