When chimps play the game of thrones


No dragons? Lazy chimps. I bet they didn’t have any ice zombies or sacrifices to a fire god either.

Jane Goodall’s team saw a mother-and-daughter duo steal, kill and eat baby chimps from their own community.

Baby cannibalism will have to do I suppose. Greenlight it!

“Where are my dragons?!”

I have sent my friend a link to this, and he has (seriously) promised to call his next band Chimp War.

So basically we’re saying that the history of civilisations in the early universe (say, 10 - 15 bn years) will be dominated by various competing spacefaring anthropoid ape species but these will be superseded (say 20 - 100 bn) by a longer period of reptilian transcosmic telepathic stability. Eventually the calm of Cyanobacterial intelligence will prevail for the final few quadrillion years.

Oh, the irony of the precipitating participant being named Leakey

The most epic and effective, though not as brutal, tale of animal political intrigue for me was the “In the Valley of the Wolves” episode of nature

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