When dead birds were a good thing to put on Christmas cards


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Still not uncommon to have dead birds on holiday cards, really.


Large tasty roasted dead birds. Mmmm.


Strange. Robins are particularly trusting. Not as shy as most other songbirds. Such dumb and easy quest.


The wren is also a very ancient bird of the season, sacrificed on St. Stephens day,the 26th.


We have traveled many miles
Over hedges and stiles
In search of our king
Unto you we bring

I highly recommend you listen to the tune, it is excellent.


One of my favorites. Also this… a little peppier.


No dead birds, but still seasonal…


We played that at our last show :D. Wonderful tune.


A couple of notes from that last show, we also played The Wren in the Furze.

Hey @frauenfelder, you’ve got some Christmas bird enthusiasts here :smiley:



And tasty… According to my brother-in-law.
When he was a kid, he read about folks eating songbirds, so he decided to try it. I guess he bagged a bunch of robins; separated them from their little breasts; and fried them up. His mom came in and asked what he was cooking – when he told her, she was ready to cook him up.


I always thought the wran boys were pretty sinister… http://www.sligoheritage.com/archwrenboys.htm

When dead birds were a good thing to put on Christmas cards

Are they not good things to put on Christmas cards now? Did I miss the memo or something?


Don’t forget that lovely children’s song, “Who Killed Cock Robin?” The tune is repetitive but the imagery of all the birds participating in the murder and funeral really sticks in the mind. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cock_Robin


You’ve discovered the Hunting of the Wren!

“Won’t you give us a penny for to bury the wren?”

Old, old stuff. Pre-Christian. Wren-boys and singing and banging on pots and pans and pestering the gentry for spare change.

Ah, ancient tradition! (-:


:slight_smile: Any excuse for a party!


Yeah, I just sent out a bunch of cards with dead birds in them.

Wait, “on?”


Oh, dear.


Christmas card that features a dead bird (with some sort of house elf)


Too soon.