A featherless nestling fell out of its nest and onto our doorstep, here's what we did

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Lovely! Good work to you!



Thank you for trying to save the birbling. It really IS all about just doing what’s in your power to make the world a little less shitty. :rainbow::star:


You got lucky. Last time I let an orphaned bird into my home it turned out to be a cuckoo chick and the next thing I knew it was raiding my fridge and locking my biological children out of the house.


One of the most wonderful couples I’ve ever met and lived with for a while have done this a number of times, but they are bird care experts and actually raised them at home. When I moved to NY, they were my first roommates. They put a peanut (I think?) in my hand and told me to go out onto the porch. Immediately a blue jay swooped down and landed on my hand. His name was Cooper. So magical.

The next season he had a family and would only come as close as the porch feeder, but he lived in the tree next to the porch for years.


I had one of those, but it was called a “cat”.


My brother and I repatriated a baby robin to it’s nest a few years back, but it was way older than your youngling. Good job on the rescue.


We had to do something like this when the local electric utility was trimming trees back from the power lines and knocked down a squirrel drey; there was one barely furred pup, who was injured in the fall.

We chased off the utility workers (my girlfriend was furious, since she had pointed the nest out to them before they started) and rescued the little guy from the wreckage. We made sure he was warm, then backed off to see if Mom would show up, which she didn’t.

We looked up “wildlife rehabilitators” – requires a special permit in Texas – and found one in a nearby suburb, who gladly took the foundling and said he’d likely pull through. We checked back a couple of weeks later, and although the pup had lost an eye, he was doing fine.

Always leave something like this to someone who knows what they’re doing, if you can.


Wow, look at that!



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