When Delta flight makes emergency landing on remote island, crew abandons passengers at small airport (video)

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Most of the passengers, without visas, were trapped in just a small section of the airport

What makes it worse is how effing nice you can see the place is! Don’t most places with an international airport have some sort of fallback for stranded passengers?


What the actual fuck?


Can we be sure that the flight actually had not landed in some kind of purgatory after a fatal incident? Perhaps the passengers should indeed have been grateful.


Something tells me a lot of the passengers on this flight won’t be interested in a return visit to the Azores.


I don’t blame the flight crew. There are a lot of regulations about rest and if they hasn’t gone to the hotel the plane might have been stranded longer. Delta corporate on the other hand can f**k off for such poor handling of the passengers. Ridiculous.


Anyone on-thread conversant with e.g. the Montreal Convention (1999) or similar, and whether / how it applies to Delta in this case?

Citizens of the US don’t need a visa to visit the Azores, so the airline should have been able to at least attempt to arrange some kind of accommodations for those passengers. Citizens of Ghana on the other hand apparently do need a visa, so I could understand the airline not being able to do much for them since I assume they wouldn’t be allowed out of the airport.


They can still treat them like humans and bring them food and water. And some blankets and pillows? Like, the airport personnel can make that call. Any fucking human being can make that call. The comments made about not starting a revolution and that they should be grateful shows that they weren’t seeing these people as fellow humans, but as lessers.


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That’s the crux of it. Viewing others as less-than is not just a US phenomenon.


There is a Continente Modelo supermarket just 4 to 6 km away, AND THEY DELIVER! Plenty of produce and non-pork for the Muslim folks, and from the photos on Google Maps, just about any kind of food you’d want, as they have also an in-house bakery and a grill. All it would take is a delivery from the grocery store.
It’s the Azores, dammit!


The last emergency landing was less than a year ago. You’d think that the airport managers would have a contingency plan (and a contingency budget) for taking care of stranded passengers.


Well, there’s a few people I won’t be sad to see disappear under the waves of the climate-induced sea level rises.

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How late are they open? The article talks about there being no food until the cafe opened, so clearly the emergency landing was after the cafe closed (I assume for the night) and before it opened (I assume for the morning, airport cafes do a brisk morning coffee business, but I could be wrong it could be more of a “noon-2PM” kind of cafe!).

The Insider article says they arrived at 6 am. The supermarket opens at 8:30 am. It appears the “cafe”, Lajes Field, within the airport is simply a kiosk (photos in Google Maps). Hours aren’t posted, and the place has terrible reviews on service and prices.


Ain’t the internet wonderful?


Fair enough, if I landed at 6am I would probably be hungry right away, but could deal with a two and a half hour delay. I would really really want something to drink though. Apparently as long as I brought a water bottle with me I would have been ok though…

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