When fashion is frightening



Oh, joys; this sounds like the mid-twenties “I have no idea what I’m doing, let’s pretend I know how to be an adult” feeling turned up several large notches.

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I feel really sorry that today’s society makes some people feel so bad about how they dress.


This is really a cool article. It’s not often that you get the perspective of an “non-native” on what it means to be a woman, or how that context dovetails in fashion and videogames (two areas fraught with very different but still very present issues around gender).

Thanks for sharing, Anna.


Or if they do, I haven’t unlocked that mode yet.

Thanks for that. It is always interesting to totter a few yards in someone else’s shoes. I hope things get easier for you and that your feel more at home.


If you can’t enjoy the game, feel terror, then why play it? I’m sure there must be something you can play without the induced pain.

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Games can be a great way to poke at stuff you’re terrified at! I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of playing this game results in Anna being a tiny bit more confident in the kinds of real-world interactions it’s reminding her of.

(And IMHO, confidence is half of looking stylish and sexy.)


Oh, hi, anna! I like your games!

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