When gifts are for the receiver


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Heroin would make for a happier holiday.


The grandma gag was freaking great.


I have that same struggle, only instead of heroin vs cocaine, it’s Jango Fett instead of Boba Fett.


Hah, my last present from my brother was a leather bracelet: https://www.otomo.co.uk/collections/mens-leather-bracelets/products/infinity-black-leather-bracelet
He now wears it almost daily!


When gifts are for the receiver



I usually give link spam myself. Or flags. Equally popular.


What? No needles or other gear?


“We’d noticed that you just kept borrowing your friends’ needles, so we thought…”


I have seen this before but it is still awesome.

The other bit they do that is great is the one where they are dressed up as Nazis and suddenly start wondering if they are the bad guys.


Seeing as I am very allergic to opiates, maybe a gift card to a local pot dispensary would be a better choice?


Just grab an Amazon gift card for 2028 and have it teleported into your foyer.

Meh, she’s right anyway. So I’ve heard.



I’m partial to the Sir Digby Chicken Cesar skits.

In a world spinning faster than the inside of homebase after you’ve had a go at a four pack of Dulux tester cans, who’s going to stand up for all that is right and proper and made of leather and belongs to that teenager who looks like he isn’t holding his beer? Me! Sir Digby Chicken Cesar.


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