When gifts are for the giver

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This guy is great at “that guy”


Wait, so is his Hitachi Magic Wand Beer Stirer something he just carries around with him?

My ex used to call these “Trucks”. As in the child who gets zir mother a toy truck…

OK, well I thought it was cute…


Genuine LOL.

Also, over the last couple of days I have been agonizing over what to get my sister and my quasi-brother-in-law for christmas - and now I have the perfect solution: I’ll buy something I want! And just to make sure, it’s going to be something that they can’t possibly take back home on the plane.

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In my family, mom referred to them as “black elephants” as opposed to white elephant gifts. Ones that you really really want but know nobody else wants.

A gun?­

Hard to come by over here. I’m thinking ‘quality booze in really fragile container’ right now; worst case scenario is we’ll drink it all together before they fly back home.

(I wouldn’t mind having a MK 20 Rh 202 in the garage, though. A LARS 2 just wouldn’t fit. Ah, nostalgia. As sure a sign of advancing years as varifocal glasses.)

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If I could pick one garage gun, it’d definitely be the Lahti L-39. Just so my buddies can concuss themselves using it to punch holes in any engine they find at the junkyard.

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