When her pink hair is banned from the office, woman maliciously complies by wearing ridiculous "natural"-colored wigs

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What kind of asshole bans pink hair at an office. Or anywhere else for that matter.

(Rhetorical. No actual answers needed. It is known.)


The people who run this company


Sometimes malicious compliance is not an option.


“Long haired freaky people need not apply…Ha, imagine that, me working for you!” The Five Man Electrical Band


It’s not really surprising, typically from what i’ve seen you should ask before being hired what the business’ policy is towards things like piercings, tattoos and colored hair. I do also question the business as well because i presume they must’ve done an interview and noticed her pink hair, yet did not comment on it until after they hired her.


I did this in the late 90s. I had a series of rainbow colored hair but worked as a nurse. I bought a very expensive and nice wig and wore that.

My boss told me I could not have a couple of blue bad girl streaks, so I went home and gave myself a full blue hair style with complete light blue highlights and black lowlights. The next day I showed up in a very nice red bob. This wig was 6 inches longer than my actual hair, which I kept much shorter.

My boss fell all over herself complimenting me on how great my hair finally looked. I pointed out it was a half foot longer than my hair was a couple days before and was a wig because now I had fully blue hair.

She was a horrible person, like I don’t know why boomer aged nurse administrators/directors were so likely to be narcissistic assholes back then but but damn there was a reason people joked nurses ate thier young when I was just starting that career.

She had literally no idea what to do with this, and I won the engagement. I wore that wig for 2 years of working there.


You can dye your hair and skin orange and grow up to be the president of these United States.


In situations like these, malicious compliance is the best compliance…

American corporations.


My niece wanted to work at a beauty supply company between high school and college. She rocked pink hair, occasionally green or blue. Company policy–,and they sold these dyes–was natural colors only.

But…corporations don’t want natural hair on people of color and HR doesn’t want gray hair on women, only on male management. Human rights are not foolish consistency.


So stupid.

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People should be able to wear their hair however they like!


Yeah but ‘beaver nuggets are the goat’, whatever that means.

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Possibly apocryphal, but the story goes that Sweden stopped classifying homosexuality as an illness because people started a campaign of calling in gay to work.

Malicious compliance FTW!

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Senior management, yes.

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