When that thing you just heard about is suddenly everywhere




Plate of shrimp.


I first learned of the existence of puffball mushrooms in school. That evening we went to a cousin’s house, hiked into the bush behind their property, happened to find some puffballs, picked them, and brought them back.


What do you call the phenomenon when you watch a tv show and then it seems like maybe a few months later you are surfing and you haven’t been to that station in a while and it’s the same exact episode.




The problem is in the modern Internet world there is a very unmysterious explanation – you are seeing it multiple times because the sources you are getting it from follow each other…


Or the related phenomenon when you’ve only seen a show once; and the second time you see it, months or years later, it’s that same episode!


During a recent conversation, one person used a word that another person said they had only recently learned and never noticed people using before, and someone said there was a name for that phenomenon but nobody could remember it, and then I found this on boing boing. Meta-Baader-Meinhof.


Black cat.


I’m not sure the name for this phenomenon is appropriate. The Baader-Meinhof-Group was a terrorist cell* in Germany in the 70s/80s that murdered 34 people and injured many more.

That’s like calling the slowly ripping off a plaster so that it hurts the Mengele Effect.

*a real one, not the post-9/11 inflationary used term for everyone like petty thiefs or copyright-infringers


I don’t think that’s the reason for the name. The effect didn’t commit terroristic acts; rather, somebody heard about the BMG, and then suddenly they were all over the news.

But I actually like your version better.


Deja vu. A glitch in the Matrix.


I’m reading a book called “Sleight of Mind”, recommended by BB. It’s got some very, very cool things in it.


In our family this is the corracle phenomenon - named after an incident in which my mother noticed a picture of someone rowing in a corracle, just a small detail in a big landscape painting. Her reaction was “A round boat? How would you go forward? Surely nobody was stupid enough to use round boats, at least not twice!” Thereafter, there were corracles everywhere, examples of corracles in cultures from China to Western Europe to the pre-Columbian Americas.


I coined the phrase “Bayern Munich Phenomenon”, which is similar to Baader-Meinhof, but you eventually find out it was only something slightly similar and not the same thing after all.


Or like when you don’t watch a show, and then years later, you don’t watch it again.


this literally made me LOL


haha these are great! This also made me LOL

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