When the bass drops [GIF]


Tonight there is a factory somewhere in Guangdong, China where poorly paid workers are making ‘Retractor Fun Games’ and packing them into brown cardboard boxes to be loaded onto rusted metal shipping crates ready for a 4 to 6 week journey across the Pacific Ocean to America only to be sold to one young rocker at a rock and roll concert dancing with a T-Rex doll…



Tonight there is a factory somewhere Guangdong, China where poorly paid workers are making ‘Retractor Fun Games’

Yes, this is true.

My friend said that certain drugs cause one to clench the jaw. My friend tried using said devices while rolling balls. My friend said that it felt wonderful, actually.


There’s a game called “Watch ya mouth” in which you wear these retractors, and try to get people guess a word on a card. (or something like that, never played it.)
So within the past few years, there’s been an influx of these devices into peoples houses, and a side market for replacement c-retractors, because it’s a consumable part of the board game, like balloons or things like that. Re-use factor is probably pretty low.


this does not sound like the most hygienic game concept.


On the other hand, it’s a laughter-inducing, competitive card-based game.

Pick your poison.


I wanna party with that gal.


Roger that!


My first question is; What has she got in her fanny pack?
My second question is; What is it doing to her dinosaur?


Ah, ok. Thanks for that.

This makes sense.


Immediately made me this of this:


Duh. If you have to ask…whatever.


Well you know the pacifier thing with ecstasy? It’s like that except for when you’re out of your gourd on PCP.


I just figured her lip-plate fell out …


Ohmahgawd! My life finally makes perfect sense!


I quit questioning bizarre shit once I realized this.


True. And yeah, this is weird… it’s not something I’d be comfortable doing. But I’m sure I look pretty silly when I dance too, and I’ve gotta admire how confident she is here. As long as she’s not hurting herself or anybody else…


(I’m not trying to imply anybody’s freakshaming her or anything. Just saying, as another weird person, it’s kind of nice seeing somebody having so much fun. :wink: )


It looks like she has a small, rectangular picture of a pair of closed lips stuck to her chin. Maybe she was going to a fancy-dress party as an MPEG artefact?


Given this is the internet, someone will ID her soon and a background interview will be conducted. Then we will probably have the opportunity to know.


Ellen plays a version with her guests called Speak Out:

Funny, yeah, but I get an uncomfortable auto-reflexive anxious feeling in my mouth and jaw, an urge to gently pull that thing outta the mouth of person on cam and relieve the…strain.


I’m guessing all the weed she smoked to take the edge off the X probably made the drool not a problem.