When the Floods Come: the Climate Change thread



One week preview, National Geographic’s Paris to Pittsburg, about challenges and action on the local level in some America cities. I think anybody following climate change will know most of this stuff, but if it inspires some people, then good.

(The week’s preview is almost over.)


Well, there’s still the swamp gas…



How’s that Who song go?

Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss




Bloomberg seems likely to represent the “fix it with more capitalsim” perspective. Kate Marvel will probably come in more with a perspective I’d consider sane, i.e., we have to stop emitting even though it hurts.



Reminder that what we are doing is cumulative.

The carbon doesn’t magically disappear when/if we stop adding to it.


It’s official, this has been the rainiest year in my neck o’the woods since record-keeping began in the 1880’s. 2nd highest was in 2004.
How was it where you live?

I remember learning about “Global Warming” as a schoolchild in the early nineties, but not until recently did I find out that heavier rainfall could be a manifestation of climate change. And this thread has revealed so much more!

Happy 2019, I’m ready to accept whatever solutions Ms. Ocasio-Cortez or other like-minded politicians have in store, not matter how bitter.


Over here, as in much of western Europe, we had a long drought last spring / summer. I think it actually didn’t rain at all for nearly a month, which in our (old) climate was frankly unheard of.


Coal miners in Spain are working their last shifts before all unprofitable mines shut down under a European Union directive in which deposits that no longer make money and receive public funds must stop production by Jan. 1, 2019. Spain announced in 2016 a 2.13 billion euro ($2.44 billion)plan, backed by Brussels, to ease the closure of 26 uncompetitive coal mines by the end of this year. Mines must return funds if they do not close by the end of 2018.



Holy Shit! What the f’k was Obama waiting for?

"Rubio said. "Tomorrow. the national-security emergency might be climate change, so let’s seize the fossil-fuel plants or something. "

JHC A dem could run on this alone. Hell, I’d vote for who’d do this the fossil fuel industry.

Hello Kamala? Warren? Anybody?



Climate scientist Kevin Anderson on message control from the COPs:

So what level of ‘control’ is typically exerted at COPs? To avoid compromising badges for those wishing to attend future UNFCCC events, I can’t provide detail here, but the range is wide: highlighting the negative aspects of a country or company’s proposals or activities; displaying temporary (unauthorised) signs; asking too challenging questions in side events; circulating ‘negative’ photographs or images; and countering official accounts. In brief, criticising a specific country, company or individual is not allowed in material circulated within the conference venue. Previously, some civil-society delegates have had to delete tweets and issue a UNFCCC dictated apology – or lose their badges. This year, and following a climate-related protest in Belgium, those involved were subsequently stopped from entering Poland and the Katowice COP; so much for the EU’s freedom of speech and movement.



GM says Cadillac is going all-electric


To save you the bother of looking it up, 48.5°C equals 119.3°F.

The nursing homes are going to have a lot of empty beds next week.


Every time we gain a better understanding of the way the world is responding to our fuckery, the worse it gets. Obviously the answer is to stop studying it! (/s)


Rising water isn’t the only problem.