When the INS tried to deport John Lennon, the FBI pitched in to help

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Well, on a positive note, this shows that being a white rich guy doesn’t automatically shield you from the law, eh.

Hmmm… John Lennon was a pretty so-so philosopher, but that quote was from the slightly less musically gifted Bertrand Russell.

ETA: I was wrong, it wasn’t. Probably a novelist from 1912, the delightfully-named Marthe Troly-Curtin.

Well, he was an unrepentant and repeated wife-beater/domestic abuser. Maybe that was why.

Anybody with influence that caused people to think outside the established system was/is considered a threat to that system. True then and true now; nothing has changed in that regard. All the old abuses are repeated time and again and continue to be abused. ie, “We would never abuse our authority to _____.” In fact, they always abuse their authority to _____.


That’s probably the excuse they used. I’d suspect that slightly less well-known and loved wife-beaters were not scrutinized as much.

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Good thing he didn’t dabble in environmentalism - they’d have really nailed him to the wall.

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