When Theresa May called snap elections, she killed tax-haven reform


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Money laundering isn’t a problem in itself. The problem is that it supports crime. The solution is simple: the UK just needs to eliminate crime on British soil. That way, they’ll only be facilitating crime in other countries.

And isn’t that what Brexit is all about?


I’m sure that was just a coincidence.


tax havens are an international issue which require an international solution. This BS about moving residences or head offices to these tax heavens should be illegal.


Of course. This is exactly why the general election was called. Not Brexit, or electoral advantage, but money laundering. How could we all have missed it. If only we could all wear those cool tin-foil hats that aid clear thinking so marvellously…


So why was the election called then? A few month ago it wasn’t needed according to May and her entourage.


Oh, UK, what is happening to you?


Mr Coates,

As a Tory, perhaps you could explain why Ms. May had, not much more than a month earlier, said new elections weren’t needed but then suddenly changed her mind?

Mrs May has made it clear to colleagues that she does not favour an early election, because she thinks it would be self-serving and create added uncertainty at a time when the country needs stability.


Sadly for some inexplicable reason she’s not given me a call to say. I’d put a reasonable bet on that it’s nothing to do with international money laundering regulations though…


Just like it was nothing to do with investigations into election spending either. Or any number of other things that are threatening to bite the Tories badly.
It’s quite clear that it was very much to do with the Article 50 date being far too close to the previously scheduled election for comfort, and they need to hope that trade deals etc. can be struck quickly before the next one comes around so that they can at least point to something that they have achieved. (The point being that the EU are refusing to allow deals to be negotiated with anyone until the UK formally leaves, and they are likely to insist on dragging it out to the end.)
The fact that the Tories get to, um, forget about all this other awkward stuff is merely a nice bonus, and after all, no-one is going to hold them to account for forgetting about it. Are they?


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