"Global Britain": the plan to turn post-Brexit Britain into the world's money-laundering arms-dealer


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/04/07/no-butter-just-guns.html


The plan is certainly in-line with the larger vision of the new(est) world order we’re seeing from illiberal democratic leaders: a collection of kleptocratic nation-states that serve as playgrounds and safe-deposit boxes for a transnational class made up of those with dynastic wealth and a smattering of sociopathic criminals; increased internal economic inequality that shrinks those pesky middle classes, with minimal social programmes and xenophobic right-wing nationalist and Libertarian political-economic propaganda to keep the proles distracted and docile.


Seems legit.


That’s the American way!!!


It used to be the British way too. Read or watch Mark Thomas’s work about British arms fairs.

If somebody phones up [a huge arms fair] and says there’s a bomb in the building, is that technically a hoax call?


All the NWO conspiracists had their eyes so keenly trained on NATO and the UN, they totally missed seeing themselves voting en masse for the free market NWO (New World Oligarchy)


Found the relevant MTCP episode


Well us Americans had to learn it from someone.


Isn’t this the plot of The Night Manager?


This is like something out of a James Thomson poem.


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