When Trombonists Sneeze




I knew a late family friend that would have insisted an elephant ran under the chair.


and now, as they say, his sneeze has gone viral.


This must be the flip side of "... and the saxophonist blowing his nose..." (bonus points if you can ID the group & album that's from)


Didn't anybody laugh? Seriously.


No kidding, was it a funeral? No doubt amused smiles appeared.


I'm not sure anybody would've known what just happened. A default reaction of laughing-out-loud at the unexpected can get you some serious disapprobation if the trombonist had just, say, had a stroke. And it can be positively dangerous if you sneeze and fart at the same time.


Does a snart cause a vacuum in your body?


I know a few chaps in this band. I can't believe it's had so many views on Youtube and suchlike. Brilliant.


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