When you grow a pumpkin inside a plastic mold, this is what happens


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Is it wrong that I want to see its backside?


And then it wins the Republican Presidential primary


Shouldn’t they have grown a pumpkin inside a Halloween pumpkin candy bucket, or would that have been too meta?


The backside is The Donald.


Herman Trumpster?


Same color.


And same pucker.


He looks like he’s gourd out of his mind.


Hey, I wonder if I can do that with my bonsai kitten…


Punkin’ Non-Splice, just framework…


I can’t wait for the Thanksgiving Turpumpkhen…


This year will be his first full year of production, and he expects to make back his entire investment and then some. As many as 8,000 molded pumpkins and watermelons will be sold to local stores, Whole Foods, and Urban Fare in Canada. Dighera said 95 percent of the Frankenstein pumpkins are pre-sold.

By growing in molds, the skin of the melons and pumpkins is smooth, almost waxy, leading one to think they aren’t real. However, this reporter was in the field and saw with her own eyes the produce growing in the molds. We cut open several of them—and even ate the watermelon—to verify authenticity.
Melons and pumpkins grown into specific shapes by farmer Tony Dighera sell for as much as $100 apiece wholesale.

Dighera said he’s amazed that no one else has figured out how to do this, and he remains very protective of his molds and growing processes for fear someone will steal his ideas. He may eventually license the technology or sell molds to other farmers. He’s even developed a way to grow marble eyeballs into his Frankenstein pumpkins. “The eyeballs take it to another level.”

Next up: embedding logos. There are lots of plans for new products, but he will divulge only one. “A very large vodka company wants a watermelon in the shape of a vodka bottle, which we could do.”


Aieee! … If I had known last spring, I would SO have grown Trumpkins.


And trademarked the name “Trumpkin”.

On second thoughts, the Trump Organization would no doubt sue you for trademark infringement.


A version with Marble eyes grown in (and strangely green(?))


I expect this is one of the watermelons discussed above.


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