When you teargas a smooth hacky-sacker


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probably a football/soccer player.


Wicked cool foot work!


he trained this longer than 5 hours


-Sir, they are kicking back our teargas grenades!
-Oh my God! We are all doomed! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!


That was seriously my first thought, too. You almost can’t pass an empty parking lot or cul-de-sac in the ME in the evening without seeing kids do this:


Well, it looked slick at first, but I think it’s a trick of perspective. The canister actually comes down right in front of him, so he really made the situation worse for himself.


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so he really made the situation worse for himself.


lol, nice filename on the .gif! fuckin saved.

I can do this move! but not with teargas (yet!) As for the whole soccer/hack debate, I first saw this done in Nashville at the sunday hack circles in Centennial park back in '93 and I finally learned it about a year later. I never saw any of the soccer kids doing this back then, but I admit I wasn’t checking for them particularly. I’ve never heard anyone who can do it or bystanders refer to it as a soccer move. methinks we hackers invented this one and the soccer players adopted it. kinda like how surfers started “grinding the coping” of the top of the wave like a skater back near the millennium (or whenever, that’s just when I first saw it on tv.)


Dunno who invented it and when but I doubt it was invented in your’s or mine. Remember my grandpa telling me he used such mov to score a goal back in 1943. Football (Soccer, as you call it) goes a while back and most footwork has been invented ages ago.


Dude, we practised backheel passes with a stepover when I was a child! And that is a looooooooong time ago.
Jacky sack is basically keepie uppy without a bouncy round thing.






I know I’m weird, but I never got the appeal of a game like this. you can just pull the hack out of your pocket and play easier than finding and booting the game cartridge.


who said anything about heels?

the bag/teargas is cradled where the toes meet the foot and swung to redirect it back the way it came.

is this just a terminology thing or are we seeing/talking about different moves?


You pass with the instep normally, outside of the foot is for showing off! Yeah, terminology, perhaps I should have said a sidefoot rather than a backheel. It was the shimmy stepover that must have scrambled me.


Jacky was my autocorrect version of hacky by the way. Not some passive aggressive dismissive misspelling.


And THEN working your way up to booting the teargas canister? :smile:


Yes, Grasshopper. When you can boot the tear gas, it will be your time to go…