Shin Kicking is the best sport

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Don´t they also do the cheese rolling thing in Gloucestershire? A delicate people apparently.


I’m applying for a copyright on a new sport combining shin kicking and ferret legging, where the object is to drive an enraged ferret up your opponent’s leg.


Are there kids’ leagues? If so I’m pretty sure my 4yo would rule.

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Shin-kicking is as literal as it sounds.

What a sematically messed-up sentence!

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Combined with some takedown defense and basic striking defense I could see this as a viable self-defense tactic. Guy can’t stand? Guy can’t mug/assault you.

Yes. It did keep getting shut down for a complete lack of health and safety, but it looks like I just missed it the other week:

The knee is better target for that sort of thing.

I recently read a great article on this in the Journal of Manly Arts. It includes a rather gruesome quote from an account of a 19th century American match:

McTevish made a straight toe kick for his opponent’s right knee. Grabby deftly avoided the blow by spraddling his legs far apart and brought his left foot around and caught McTevish on the outside of the right calf. The flesh was laid open to the bone, and the blood spurted out in streams. At the same instant he gave Grabby what is known as the sole scrape. Beginning at the instep and ending just below the knee pan, Grabby’s left shin was scraped almost clear of skin.


Mumbletypeg is the truly hardcore option.

“If a player “sticks” the knife in his own foot, he wins the game by default, although few players find this option appealing because of the possibility of bodily harm.”

According to my old sensei, n% of all fights end up on the ground, where n is a made-up but still impressive number.

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