Sledlegs: shinguards that you can turn into toboggan sleds by dropping to your knees and shoving off


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Am I the only one who looks at this and goes “ow my ankles”?


Ever find yourself coming home from an attack-dog training session in heavy armored shinguards and come across a snowy hill and muse, man, if only my shinguards were a leeeetle optimized, I could drop to my knees and slide down that bad boy!

Get out of my head, @doctorow!


I can honestly answer: No, I have not.


Right before “ow my head” then “ow my tailbone”. Rinse and repeat.


YES! And right after that, I muse, “Man, I wonder where the best hospital for Reconstructive ACL Surgery might be?”


Thinking of a way to optimize my optimized SledLegs by getting a good start with Wheelies shoes.


Needs Butt Luge™ API


Even if my knees could bend like that, that’s not how I would choose to spend my last bits of cartilage.


Soon to be known as the faceplant machine. There’s not any room to recover if you start to pitch forward.


This could be the closest I can get to achieve the feeling in this dream:


I’m thinking various injuries are likely with this. Even if one were to use a regular sled there’s risks involved, i had a teacher wipe out on a totally not all that steep of a hill and he fractured a leg. Strapping the sledding surface to yourself doesn’t seem particularly smart


Thank you, no.


does it take a tripod head/go-pro adapter :frowning:


needs star wars light sabres


We actually made something like this as kids and the main problem isn’t ankle injuries or anything like that. The big problem is that anything comfortable enough to walk in also has a shallow enough front to basically act as a scoop and shove the snow down your legs. It only works well on shallow packed snow.


You’re missing the most important benefit - it makes you look like you’re only four feet tall. Get some old shoes, glue them to your knees, huff some helium and you’re Halloween-ready!


I thought oww my knee caps


Just think of all the orthopedic publications these will generate.

The mechanics of what will snap first is simply fascinating.

Dorf on Skis?



Coal shovels FTW! (Or grain scoopers, or pile movers!) Here on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan we have a thing – dune sledding. Come January, the chill west winds will have thoroughly frozen the windward (read: steep) side off the sand dunes…and generally blown off most of the snow; this leaves a 30’-80’ tall pile of frozen damp sand ready to make you gravity’s bitch. (Frozen dunes make black diamond ski slopes look like the bunny hill.)

The truly insane will try sledding a dune on a saucer – zero control, pants-shitting speed, and rough tumbles when you try to bail. The slightly-less insane will use a grain scoop shovel or coal shovel – put the handle between your legs, sit on the scoop, and hang on for dear life. There’s just the right illusion of control to make it wickedly terrifying/fun/terrifying. (A good shovel lasts for years, and only $30.)

It’s even kind of a real sport…