When your dental insurer sends you a "free" Internet of Shit toothbrush


As soon as they figure out how, they’ll be adding in a feature to determine what you are eating.
“whoa there son, that’s too much sugar in your coffee.” or “you’ve already had one candy bar this month”
And charge more for your insurance.


I floss with the internet.


Look at the bright side: Plutocrats are smug in the assumption that they can outsmart everyone else, but the bottom of the pyramid is broad and deep. There are plenty of other criminals constantly plotting to topple them and take their place.


Wow. Talk about Cavity Creeps.


This makes me think of Toki Wartooth. Toki_Wartooth




Looking forward to it!


From 2006 (or possibly earlier):


If the insurance company gave me a much better rate for eating right or exercising, and if it were something I could opt-in on, and if slacking off wasn’t something that would jeopardize my insurance, but might change my rates…

Nah, fuck it, I still can’t imagine health surveillance that would be benign enough to opt - in with. Single payer is the only thing that makes sense to me.


“If you give me six gigabytes of data from the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him.”

– Cardinal Richelieu 1585-1642


I dont have the base plugged in at all until I need to charge it. Lasts over a month on a charge.


Good to know…


That is scary as F%$#. Right in line with “Demolition Man” (1993). I feel like Dennis Leary’s character in the movie…


Wait, what? They had gigabytes in the early 1600’s?


Only in France, it took the rest of the world a while to catch up with metric.


You sure about that? The landline I’m about to ditch is $45/month with long distance disabled, and would still be $35/month or so if I dropped Caller ID. My cell plan is nowhere near “orders of magnitude” more expensive (though I could save a bit if I dropped the 6 GB+high-speed tethering plan for unlimited+slow tethering).

Still, though, I’m starting to really hate the Internet of Shit, and I’ve been a gadget/tech freak for decades. When I bought a TV a couple of years ago, I specifically looked for and found a 40" 1080 set that was dumb as a rock. I’d just as soon plug in any smarts I want (in my case, a Raspberry Pi running OSMC).


Why is it that the list of Internet of Things devices seems to increasingly resemble a list of things that have no reason to be connected to the internet?


Not only was it paranoid, it had an attitude that just irritated me. “We got a box and then they sent another one so we decided to start using it” why? If you get something in the mail without ordering it you don’t have to pay for it. I would have just threw it away or at least checked to see how much I could sell it for on ebay or something. I wouldn’t write an article about how terrible it was.


Yes. Seriously - ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE! (Note to self: Check to see if that’s already a band name.)

Really - before I bought this hovel, I was living in a rental and actively looking for a permanent house, and I had a dumbphone. The bill was always at least $95, and occasionally $200. Then, I was working as a substitute teacher, and needed to be connected 24/7. The phone company (starts with a V…) kept running up my tab by sending me fake texts and phone calls. Because the phone kept pinging from Da Hood and I bought the phone at a Family Dollar across the street from Da Hood High School, the fake calls/voicemails/texts were in Spanish! All the fakery plus one real call per day made the monthly bill around $100.

As recently as 2017, my former boss INSISTED I had to have a cellphone. I told her to buy me a dumbphone (they don’t exist anymore - ended up with a flip phone) and she added me to her friends and family plan. She only called me on it twice. She would pre-pay for 300 minutes a month, and yet, at the end of every month, the phone company claimed I’d used ALL of the minutes plus overages. After 3 months, I showed the boss the call history which showed no outgoing calls or onlinery, and she cancelled the phone.

I have a longstanding grudge against the landline company so awful it keeps changing its name, but at least I don’t have to stand on the porch to get a signal. The neighbor kids climb on their garage roof to get bars. I’ve heard that family fighting about phone bills, and they’re paying HUNDREDS each month.


The Dozens in Reverse: “You gotta 40” 1080p? My crib is so small, my little TV is bolted to the eastern wall of my house, and I can lie on my bed against the west wall of my house, and still read the closed captioning! BOO-YAH!"

True story…