Blizzident: 3D printed whole-mouth-at-once toothbrush


Hm. Wouldn’t you need to spread toothpaste across the whole thing? Seems like it’s bound to either take a lot more toothpaste, or take extra time to spread a small amount of paste across both sides of the brush.

Haven’t looked at the site yet though, they probably address this.

Toilet brushes are big, cheap, and come in a variety of sizes to fit every mouth…


According to my dentist, the reason you take 2 minutes to brush your teeth is to give the fluoride time to bond with the enamel. Six seconds won’t do it.

Gee. Thanks for posting that right before I have to try to sleep.


Also it would probably trigger your gag reflex.

Yeah, just thinking about that triggered my gag reflex…


In for two!

Alternatively, one could simply not eat so much fucking sugar, the cause of most if not nearly all cavities. Classic solution-in-search-of-a-problem here.

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And then, they came for my all-day mouth-shaped pasta and ranch dip bar. (Which was fine. It hadn’t gotten gross yet.) I was waiting for the ultrasonic agitator and gumline advancement punchline.

Does anyone else try to dry their teeth before going in there with the fluoride, and keep people from putting water in after and undoing all the good? And yet baking soda is good? That’s what I understood was the ticket, yet I don’t hear much paleo diet peeps focus on having flint or fluorite on earthen-roast wild roots.

Six seconds?? I don’t have that kind of time! That’s why I just hire school children to throw water balloons full of mouthwash at my face while I sprint to the car.


OK. Maybe the stupidest thing I’ve seen all day.


They mention a Bass technique; was really hoping the floss dispenser was some sort of driver… Bassnecter, VNV Nation boom-throbbing my mouth, yeah!

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Literally one of my nightmares.

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Not that I could see… asked my dentist 'bout paste; she said there’s no need at all, if I use a flouride rinse now & then.

The time you save brushing your teeth will be more than lost to cleaning this bacteria trap.


And you don’t think your current tooth brush isn’t trapped with bacteria NOW? LOL

You should probably be keeping your tooth brush in a container of mouthwash, replacing the mouthwash every few days. (Not that I do this. But I should.) You could easily do the same with this thing; just like you would, say, dentures…

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If this thing turns out to work as advertised, WANT.

I’m one of those lazy bastards who usually CBFed brushing my teeth, but not even CBFed cuts it if you’re only talking six seconds…

News report on someone swallowing one and having emergency surgery in 5 … 4 … 3

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Notwithstanding that this thing looks rather like a teratoma, the law of the excluded middle demands that this will play out in one of two ways. It’ll either go nowhere (like the combination shoe-horn / nose-hair remover) or, in approx. 127 years time it will be so established a practice that the people of the future will look back at us with horrified amusement as they consider how we used to brush our teeth. Them’s the only possible choices. Honest.