Where Snowden gets recognized the most in public, in Moscow: computer stores


This would explain why I didn’t see him during my visit two weeks ago; I didn’t go to a computer store.


I would think that an article like this would be very dangerous to Mr. Snowden’s anonymity. Why don’t you just draw a map to where he ‘hangs out’ so the NSA ‘spooks’ that are undoubtedly trying to find him in Russia will know exactly where to got!!!

This article is NOT cool at all, and very poorly thought out!!!

You will note that he said all that in an interview, with the expectation that it would be published. I suspect he’s thought a lot of this stuff through a lot more than you have.

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Consider that high visibility gives you a degree of protection.

The outing-himself step in the early days of the affair was crucial for prevention of getting “vanished”. Like the good old bad times of Stalin’s era, or the not-so-old bad times in Latin America.

A black bag job on somebody well-known can be tactically the same as on some unknown nobody. The strategic ramifications, especially in the public relations driven world, however differ greatly.

The US is at economic and political decline and the sticks it waves around are losing power with each swing. Military actions drain budget, manufacturing is almost all in China now and who knows how long it would take to rebuild it at home again, and financial system pressures, as seen with the Russia brouhaha, will in mid to long term lead only to strengthening of yuan as the alternative (euro is pretty much screwed). And everybody including Germans are tired of the American geopolitical antics.

A high-profile black bag job is therefore technically possible but would be a rather major PR suicide.

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I still see Elvis at the mini-mall.

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