Where to buy/how to make cheap electric buzzers?

I’m going to be introducing a unit on electricity with an afterschool program, and wanted to start by making those steady-hand games where you try not to touch the wire:

I want to incorporate a piezoelectric buzzer, the kind that can be driven just by attaching a battery.

Of course I left this too late for internet shopping. Where can such things be bought these days, now that Radio Shack no longer has bins of hobbyist electronics parts?

I’m thinking maybe dollar stores have very cheap doorbells or something. Any other thoughts?

(Alternatively I could make something, but while I remember making a buzzer with a saw blade and an electromagnet in my youth, I’d be looking for something much simpler…)

Where are you located?

In the greater Boston area, You-Do-It Electronics has a pretty good selection of basic components.


Huh, indeed I am 25 minutes away from them. Never heard of them. Thanks for the tip!

Online you could try SMC Electronics, American Science and Surplus, and Parts Express (in increasing order of typical price). Be careful, many of the cheap piezo buzzers don’t contain their own oscillating circuit and need an AC source.


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