Which face is real?

The point is that most stuff isn’t provided in high kBit/s. Spotify, e.g., defaults to 96 kBit/s if you are streaming mobile. You can set the bitrate, and the highest value is 320 kBit/s. Virtually noone can hear the difference between that and a studio recording.

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So I gather from the style of artifacts that the AI is attempting to imitate a two-dimensional photographic snapshot or portrait in one step?

I wonder how much spookier this might become if the AI instead starts by constructing a synthetic 3D model of a fictitious person. You might expect a lot of the background-related confusion to be resolved immediately, for one thing.

Uhhh. . . how many other people got this sponsored ad?

For a second I thought it was part of the article.


I also noticed that the background is a good indicator if it’s fake or not. The more realistic background is likely the real image and the vaguely blurry is fake.

Dashboard hit after multiple plastic surgeries.

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