Whipped Cream spray angle test




As a kid I had an aunt who would spray the whipped cream directly into my mouth. That was the ideal angle.

Also nice that the guy says there’s a temptation to inhale the gas. Next week we’ll learn that Whippets aren’t just a breed of dog, kids!



With my admittedly vague sense of the physics of aerosol spray cans, I would have written off a 90 degree angle immediately - although I can understand why Mr. Crocker would have thought otherwise.

Hence the experiment, though! Fun and educational at the same time.


That last pic is the best


That’s the look of a busted hypothesis!


I wouldn’t mind seeing an xray of the can, or at least disassembled can. The internal structures, namely the outlet tube position, are of quite an importance.

The nitrogen(I) oxide is used there instead of CO2 for a few reasons. The CO2 would acidify the composition (and curdle it), and would not dissolve well enough. N2O dissolves well in cream (in the fat globules, to be specific) at high pressure, but does less at normal pressure, and breaks out of the solution as tiny bubbles that froth up the mixture. And because of the stabilization of the foam by the fat and proteins of the cream, the foam won’t immediately collapse and the bubbles are trapped. The nondissolved fraction then acts as a propellant.

So theoretically there should not be much dependence of the cream volume over the angle, assuming no entrainment of the gaseous propellant into the liquid phase. The inlet geometry will play a role in here, as the assumption is apparently not entirely valid.

What about repeating the experiment, with not just comparing the whipped-cream estimated volume but also weighing the difference between filled and empty cup, which should yield the gas fraction? And varying the order of the angles, so kinetic effects like heating of the can or reestablishing of the gas/solution propellant distribution could be isolated?

For illustration, here, at the end there is a microphotograph of whipped double cream.

Also, a thought. A 3d-printed adapter for air-nitrous mixing for safe inhalation (proper gas-air ratio mixing) of the laughing gas from the off-the-shelf vessels.


we used to have a favorite soundtrack:


I had forgotten about Cockeyed. “How much is inside” started in 1998! But their finest moment for me will always be the 2003-era debunking of pretty much every “work at home” scam being a front for Herbalife.


Ha Ha. I had that come on at the dentist’s office once. Wished it was looped.


It took me a while (decades) to figure out that holding the nozzle against the pie produced better results than holding it up in the air a few inches.


They were GREY and MONOTONOUS and DULL


The most wonderful kind of science in the world.


0 degrees is not safe for children.


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