Whistleblower protection


The War on Whistleblowers was one of the biggest disappointments with Obama’s governments - and, shortly before he leaves office - one of the democratic senators (most likely with the knowledge of Obama) introduces a bill to enhance whistleblower protection for contractor and grantee employees.

The US government had 8 years to think about this, it is fucking late to decide that something went horribly wrong…


I still think it’s not him personally. Remember who was running the FBI.


you mean Mueller? he was also director under Bush - and still Obama’s government win hands down when it comes to invoking the 1917 espionage act to prosecute whistleblowers


I was thinking of Comey. Traitor.


ah, I see. the act was mostly invoked before his term, though


It’s still fair to blame him. Hell, they blame Obama for 9/11. Probably Whitewater too.


Watergate. Thanks, Obama.


…this was not exactly what I tried to say…


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