Former Attorney General: FBI Director "made a serious mistake"


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The FbI could just be protecting their ass in case something scurrilous comes out after the election and the press implies they delayed for political reasons as some may think at the moment.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t!


Even Hillary-hating Republicans like the coincidentally-named Rep. Joe “I’m grabbing my musket” Walsh are saying that this was a dick move.


Except the law is already pretty clear on how you’re supposed to protect your ass in a situation like this:


Another possible reason may be to make US government officials finally start taking online security seriously and the consequences for failure to do so, even if only embarrassing them publicly.

They must be fed up of easily preventable leaks by now?


Wow, That would be something. You’re kidding right? That’s grade A joke material, especially coming from Comey.


Because her aide’s ex husband used her aides computer to sent inappropriate messages to a minor (possibly)?

Whats the crime that Clinton IS involved with here?



DEAD HORSE BEATEN BY FBI CHIEF. Coverage of resignation at 11.


Not really clued up on all the players involved and not sure if I want to be.


It does seem a bit over zealous, granted and just hope you make the correct choice.


zealous and contrived are just not synonyms.


Are you saying they were without abuses during this period?

For example:


On the other hand, it may be a smart move on Comey’s part because (a) Obama can’t easily just fire him without making it even more obviously political; (b) Clinton can’t fire him if she wins because that would look incredibly petty and © in the worst case scenario, Trump isn’t going to fire him, obviously. So he gets to keep his job despite utter incompetence during the last couple of years, which must count as some sort of result.


Yeah, but you don’t F’k with elections when you’re the head of a police organization. You also don’t stick your foot into elections as a member of any of the other 3 letter agencies. Comey has gone way off the rails here.


I work with my hands bud and definitely not as sharp as my tools, it is a phrase used here whether grammatically correct or not.

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Well, there’s general incompetence and then there’s literally breaking the law, which he certainly seems to have done here. Political or no, that’s a potential firing offense, no matter who your boss is.


Hope you had a good time!


Wax on, wax off.


This has been the story Comey himself has been pushing, and some news sources describe it as semi-rogue Republican-friendly FBI staff members forcing his hand. Still, if that were the case he could have worded much differently. They way he did this was either stupefying in its ham-handedness, or the guy is a weasel who doesn’t have any respect for his own boss.

As much as the FBI director is supposed to be above political pressure, I think Rob’s tweet makes clear that it’s most famous for being a closeted gay man’s private army. We need more accountability, not more autonomy.


No, OK as in, “OK so we have this new thing here, what’s going on”