At Oval Office meeting, Trump asked FBI acting director Andrew McCabe how he voted — Wash. Post

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Can’t have anyone connected with the Clintons in a position of power after all.

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Any other progressives surprised by how often you find yourselves speaking up in defense of the FBI these days?


“A true victory is to make your enemy see they were wrong to oppose you in the first place. To force them to acknowledge your greatness.” -Gul Dukat


Of course he did. He’s so transparent about seeing all positions appointed by himself as being there to serve his needs. It’s been said that his whole notion of what he expected the presidency to be was based on a local political fixer in New York. Which, given his behavior in office, seems true. Weird that he’s not been disabused of that notion and also that he didn’t understand how even that kind of system worked, though - the idea that he could insert himself into the middle of it without having done any of the work required to get there, and yet everyone would be at his beck and call. So if it had been what he thought it was, it still wouldn’t have worked for him, he still would have been out of his depth.


No, not really. They at least look like they’re doing a professional, unbiased job. They aren’t leaking. The shit the monkeys are throwing at them isn’t the least bit persuasive, unless your confirmation bias is really intense.

Then again, I don’t often head down to Ed’s Body Shop to ask the boys what they think of Robert Muller.


That’s part of what surprises me. Remember Comey’s highly irregular press conference announcing “guess what everybody we might have some dirt on Clinton after all!” (shortly followed by “never mind it’s NBD forget I said anything!”) just days before the election?


He’s out of his depth in the shallow end of the kiddy pool…He likes that yellow water I’ve heard. He doesn’t qualify as a man boy. He doesn’t even make a boys status. He’s just a bloated toddler who wants whatever he wants when he want’s it. Sorry excuse for a human being.


But we’re in bizarro world! Of course it makes sense! And Donald Trump is President, and the Pentagon admits UFOs are real, and nobody cares/believes them.

Every day, I’m curious what will come next! Crypto-kitties? Check! Oprah for President? Why not?! Our President dates porn stars? LOVING IT!

Honestly, I always did kind of think The Apocalypse would be entertaining, at least.


Hardly surprising – Donnie expects loyalty – if not reverence – from everyone employed by the federal government.


I’m waiting for some brown-nose White House staffer to suggest something along the lines of this:

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Andy, can you fealty me?


No. But then I’m not defending the FBI. I’m defending the political independence of the federal bureaucracy. Some of its agencies, such as the DEA and TSA, I regard as malignant tumors on the country. Others, such as the FBI and IRS, I regard as essentially valuable organizations whose members have sometimes done ethically dubious things. But my broader issues with the authoritarian overreach of government policies which reinforce class and racial inequality are not with the public service, but with the elected representatives that craft those policies for cynical political gain and the private corporate interests that buy elections and legalization which facilitate their predatory exploitation of society’s vulnerable.

Being progressive doesn’t mean being anti-law enforcement. Not for me anyway.


Or to put it another way, he’s a profoundly stupid man.


There are unplumbable depths to his stupidity.


Isn’t this illegal? Like, there’s a bit in the US constitution about anonymous voting etc?


What I find a trifle disturbing is that the acting head of the FBI doesn’t think that voting is worth the hassle. What isn’t he telling people?


I’m certainly a fool for trying, but I can’t wrap my head around this. Not like I’m a big fan of the Clintons nor PACs in general, but when a Democrat runs a political campaign, where else would the money come from? Did she, in fact, turn down all that (presumably clean) money offered by a Republican-affiliated PAC?


Maybe he did vote but lied because he didn’t want to share how he voted. Or maybe he’s a Republican who normally votes but just couldn’t bring himself to support the party’s candidate this time around so he decided to sit the election out.