White guy wants to seize control of predominantly black Tennessee town because suddenly there will be money

Of course, but it’s difficult going, unionizing in the south. Though I suspect that unionizing in an auto plant is far easier than say, an amazon warehouse, just because Ford has a long history of working with unions.

But none of that matters if the white power structure in TN essentially ethnically cleanses this community.


Its not ethnic cleansing. How were we to know that the land we seized via imminent domain belonged to black folk? /s


One of the takeaways from the reporting that I think can’t be emphasized enough is this is the first time in history that this majority Black town has had a majority Black city council. And they were only elected in 2016 after the mostly white city council resigned because of fraud and mismanagement.

Even if this didn’t reek of racism the current city council is being unfairly held responsible for the actions of their predecessors, but of course the state never saw a need to step in before.


Or perhaps a simple, “We disagree, and if you do this or anything like it, the plan is off”?

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