Tennessee congressional candidate appeals to his white supremacist base


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I Tennessee it, but I can’t Tennebelieve it.


With Trump having already shown that explicit appeals to bigotry are more effective than dog whistles, is it really any surprise that the others of his ilk are following suit?


sadly sundown towns still exist in that part of murrica. i keep hoping that as a country we have grown past it but nope. on the plus side the connected world means this shit gets called out publicly and never stays just local anymore.


I thought this was satire, but…


“(The) Leave it to Beaver time when there were no break-ins; no violent crime; no mass immigration,” he told the news station.

That statement confirms what I have long suspected; tv ruins a person’s entire perspective of reality.

That world where there were no break-ins or violent crimes never existed… except in fictional towns populated by imaginary people.


I’m just reminded of this, back from when John Oliver was on the Daily Show, on the power of nostalgia:


Trevor’s cute and all; but damn, I miss Jon Stewart.

Good share; thanks.


Some day politicians will wax poetic for the time of Friends, when even a waitress or an unemployed actor or a hippie massage therapist could afford a huge apartment in Greenwich Village. (Also: Manhattan was populated almost exclusively by attractive white 20somethings who spent big chunks of their day sitting around in coffee shops.)


Well there’s a big problem right there. Just because you can find other racist/bigoted/reactionary people who share your views doesn’t make your crazy and stupid any less crazy or stupid. That just means you have crazy and stupid friends too.


And they never locked their doors, despite living in the heart of NYC, don’t forget that part.


Wow. No dog-whistle for this guy. He’s just lettin’ it right out there. David Duke circa 2016…

Indeed: Let’s hope this loses him more votes than it gains him. (Please)


White supremicist base = people who frequent stores that sell “hell no I ain’t fergettin’” bumper stickers. (They exist, trust me. I live in Alabama.)


Shouldn’t those also be fitted with some race blinders?


EXACTLY!!! These right wing individuals are not great historians.

They talk of returning to a glorious past. But in reality they are trying to create a new, horrible future.


Forget what in particular?


Oh, I believe.

I’ve lived in Ohio and Florida; I know such folks exist.


Oh, that’s an older, near obsolete model; I’m sure upgrades have been made by now.


I hate to introduce people to new ways to lose faith in humanity, but…

Oh, Hell, who am I kidding. I love doing just that.


Allow me to add some precipitation to your personal parade, then:


My first job was at a tourist attraction called Confederama near Ruby Falls/Rock City, which sold these in spades. I swear I was 15 yrs old and just trying to avoid working at Taco Bell!!!