Whiteness course at ASU and Fox News

Okay, to be honest here, I am posting this link, just so I have an excuse to post this gif… Who knew that white tears came in so many colors?


I know someone with a PhD in Whiteness:


Campus Reform DOT Org? Sounds totes legit.

Actually, it’s about ethics in…blaaargh.

What’s this Leadership Institute?

The Leadership Institute was founded in 1979 by conservative activist Morton C. Blackwell. Its mission is to “increase the number and effectiveness of conservative activists" and to "identify, train, recruit and place conservatives in politics, government, and media.

Jesus Christ, that’s exactly what they accuse the Frankfurt School of doing. Except, that, the Leadership Institute actually comes out and says that’s their mission.

Please tell me they’ve had a positive influence on society.

Notable alumni include Grover Norquist, Ralph Reed, Jeff Gannon, Senator Mitch McConnell, Congressman Mike Pence, James O’Keefe, and seven new members of the 112th Congress.

Jesus H. Christ. That’s like an all-horrible hall of fame. All white men too, but that just must be coincidence.

When I have free time, maybe I will look up whether those named individuals like to say “cultural marxist.”


Well, yeah, but you see, they are all about freedom and capitalism and jesus, so it’s okay when THEY do it… the Frankfurt school, they are just a bunch of commies, so they are by definition wrong. /s

And they all identify as straight, I’m sure. Of course. Who else can speak for people of color and women and the gay community, for what they need, because clearly “those people” just don’t have a clue what they need (free enterprise, no abortions, to be made straight, among other things). Old white dudes need to guide them, duh! /s

I bet yes. Also, I think that this old white dude might have said it best:


To his debatable credit, the first one on the list is a fan of Burning Man. Radical Self Reliance and all that.

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Or just trying to make himself seem cool.

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Or the values of the almost 30-year-old Burning Man movement are no longer fringe and entering mainstream.


An older thread: Grover Norquist at burning man? - #10 by Mindysan33

which ends with @Mindysan33 links (which I just found independently. d**n you!)


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